1. M

    Appliances too high for worktop, end panels too low

    Ok so our new kitchen is almost fitted but the worktop supplier said there should be a gap between worktop and appliances - not sure why our carpenter didn’t keep the end panels between units as oversize, instead he trimmed them down to line up with them! He actually says he trimmed them to...
  2. nbellyjnr

    Wooden Worktop Knot

    Hi, Hoping someone can help with this. I’ve just had a wooden worktop fitted by B&Q and after it has been oiled, I’ve notice a knot (hole) in the surface. The fitter has said it’s really common and just to leave it. Does it need filled? Should it be there in the first place? Thanks
  3. nbellyjnr

    Induction Hob Gap

    Hoping someone can help. I recently had a B&Q kitchen installed (by their fitters) and there is a fairly sizeable gap between the hob and wooden worktop (image attached). The fitters have said they can’t get the hob any tighter but to me the gap seems too big. Could anyone please advise if a...
  4. T

    Kitchen Worktop / Fridge / Cooker Position etc..

    Hello, I had some invaluable help from others in a different part of this forum recently, so wanted to just try and get some ideas about this issue too. I've just bought and moved into a flat. The very small kitchen just had an under counter fridge which didn't work. I'd like to be able to get...
  5. R

    Should i remove worktop skirting?

    I need to tile a kitchen splashback. Currently the wall is painted with emulsion. The laminate worktop has some skirting at the wall, should I remove this before I tile? If so how to get a good waterproof seal where tile meets worktop? Thanks
  6. J

    Kitchen Worktop joint help

    Looking for some advice - having my kitchen redone and the b and q plan shows this cut of the worktop. The sink is as shown. The fitter didn’t look at the sink until after they cut the worktop and then told me I can’t have my sink (or any sink more than 780mm). I can’t find any standard bowl...
  7. mattwilk

    Can someone suggest an alternative to this Breakfast bar support

    I'm looking to support my breakfast bar and was thinking that these are a great idea but I can't find anywhere in the UK that stocks them and they are pretty expensive. Anyone know of an alternative?
  8. S

    Fit Semi-recessed basin to Corian

    I’ve been looking at various basins to fit on a Corian worktop and I note that many require affixing with screws into the worktop. Thing is, you wouldn’t do this with Corian and so I wonder what the way forward is? Is it the case that you just rely on silicon, or perhaps you glue batons to the...
  9. M

    Edging quartz worktop - diamond sharpening block

    Evening chaps. I’ve decided to change the top on my kitchen island, and have sourced a slab of quartz that I intend to use. the sides are unfinished... but are smooth and just need polishing. I would like to add a small bevel to the edges, as it’s quite sharp at the moment. I’m sure I...
  10. T

    Bamboo worktop: how to seal appropriately, which oil is best to use?

    TLDR: Bamboo worktop, which oil is the most indicated? I hear Danish Oil is good enough, is Osmo Top Oil a level head? We are looking to achieve a well sealed, truly impenetrable worktop. After having some make-shift OSB worktops for more than a year, we finally decided on some bamboo worktops...
  11. B

    Cost of Replacing Kitchen Worktops...

    Want to remove 2 old laminate worktops and replace with solid wood items. Both approx 250cm x 60cm, joined together (L shape) In my mind I thought “a grand to buy the worktops and a grand to pay someone to do the work” but the only quote I’ve had so far is £3,500 (+VAT), which made my eyes...
  12. D

    How to join a solid wood worktop

    I would like to join some solid wood pieces together to make a desktop. I have some left over pieces of solid oak wood top which had previously been cut into pieces (don't ask). I would now like to use the wood to make a desk. My question is what is the best way to join the pieces together to...
  13. A

    Worktop join advice!

    Hello DIYers, I had a kitchen fitted by a chap who turned out to not be a kitchen fitter... Or, indeed, any good at fitting kitchens. Three months on, I've noticed the filler (Colorfill) in one of the laminate worktop joins is cracking and flaking away. Is this something I can put right or...
  14. stratford_noob

    Fitting semi recessed basin into worktop with overhang

    Hi, I'm about to fit semi recessed basin into the worktop and we've decided we would like to have small overhang above the units (30mm to base unit = 18mm door + 12 mm overhang). So before I will do cutting I just wanted to doublecheck if my approach is right, as I only have one chance to cut it...
  15. C

    Installing Worktop Around Belfast Sink

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but hoping you can offer some help. We're currently coming towards the end of our kitchen refurb and about to have our worktop installed. The worktop is not being fitted by the same company as who installed our kitchen units and appliances. The worktop fitters have...
  16. T

    Help with mark on oak worktop

    Hello everyone. Looking for some help with my wooden worktops. We had a new kitchen with oak worktops installed in February. The worktop was oiled with 3 coats and looked amazing. Enter my girlfriend and some bleach... The resultant inch long black mark was right dead centre so needed to go! I...
  17. W

    Worktop Advice (poll)

    I have a kitchen worktop that has sink very close to a corner. As a result, soon after it was fitted it bubbled where the mitre cuts close to the sink. I need to replace the worktop on a bugdet and can't afford solid surface or solid laminate, so...
  18. D

    Are roll front and square edge worktops different depths?

    If a 600 deep (30thk) worktop or sit-on sink have a roll front, then this means that they actually measure up as 615 deep, because of the radius, right? Thank you, Dain
  19. G

    Can someone tell me what this is please...

    I want someone to build me an all in one unit in a Spanish/Greek design in my kitchen. It will have holes for in built oven and open storage areas for fridge and pans etc. I’d also like the counter top to have a sink which looks to be part of the counter. The ones I’ve seen (photos attached so...
  20. C

    Kitchen Worktop

    Looking to get our kitchen worktop to extend into the corner of the kitchen (see picture). The previous owner of the house had their fridge there, hence the gap. Would this be a case of replacing the whole length or could a place be added just to fit the corner. If you placed a piece just in...