Help me PLEEEEEZE!- bathroom light wont work

30 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
We have the old wiring red , bare, back/red.. we have replaced bathroom light fitting, and pull switch, but now bathroom light wont turn on. I have checked all the light switch wiring. the bathroom light used to work , but then suddenly stopped. we have landing light two way with 4 wires coming out, and the 3 bedroom lights plus toilet light switched are two red with earth please help me

sorry there is 3 wires not 4! well im blonde and frustrated

lynda, mderator

please note forum rules item g
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jmojo226 said:
.. we have replaced bathroom light fitting, and pull switch, but now bathroom light wont turn on...
OK, you have mis-connected something.

Tell us:
How many cables (each probably containing on red, one black and one earth) are in the ceiling fitting and in the light switch

And which terminals you have connected the various wires to.

Are you able to identify the cables as:
- Loop in
- loop out
- To switch

(if not, you will have to identify them to make it work).

You can find diagrams of lighting circuits in
- Electrics UK
- - - - WIKI
- - - - - - - - - - Lighting Layouts

and also in
- - - - Read Here First - FAQ - For reference
jmojo226 said:
im blonde and frustrated

I'm sure we can help you with that too :LOL:

(as long as you like fat old men with builder's bum)
thank you so much for replying quickly!

ok see if this makes sense to you

toilet light 1 red tagged black - 1 red
bedroom 1 - 2 red
bedroom 2 - 2 red
bedroom 3 - 2 red
bathroom pull cord - 3 wires - bare to fixed point -red - com -black to other (i assume l2)
bathroom light fitting - 2 wires- both containing 1 back, 1 red, and 1 bare
red - isolated in block
bare in the middle of a 3 block
and 1 black either side

it is a new fitting and i have already checked that the right black wire from the switch is wired correctly to the connection in the light fitting as i had the problem a few weeks before and checked via the web
I thank you as i have prob confused you
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OK. I am assuming that you have disturbed the wires in the bathroom but nowhere else; and that all the lights work except in the bathroom. Let me know if that is not the case.

bathroom pull cord - 3 wires - bare to fixed point -red - com -black to other (i assume l2)

OK. this one is the switch cable. The "red" is live coming from the ceiling fitting. The Black is "switched live" which, when the switch is "on" takes the power back to the bulb. The black ought to be sleeved red, as it is live when switched on. the bare copper is the earth and ought to be sleeved in G&Y.

bathroom light fitting - 2 wires- both containing 1 back, 1 red, and 1 bare
red - isolated in block

Right. I call that two cables, each containing... (etc). The two reds should be connected together but not to anything else. One of them will be the Live from the lighting circuit, the other will be taking the live off to the switch.

bare in the middle of a 3 block
these are the earth wires. They ought to be covered in green and yellow sleeving which you can buy from your hardware shop for about 50 a small packet. If you have a metal light fitting it should be connected to these; otherwise they are just parked.

and 1 black either side
Right. One of these will be the Neutral from the lighting circuit. the other will be the switched Live from the switch; and ought to be sleeved in red as it is live when switched on.

What you do with these two blacks ( :!: never connect them together :!: ) is connect them to the light fitting, one to each wire or terminal. It will probably, if new, have a brown and a blue connection. Or they may be red and black.

If you have a multimeter and can work safely I can tell you how to identify which black is neutral and which is switched live. A neon screwdriver is not very good for that.

Let me know what does not make sense and what does not correspond with what you find.
every thing you have said corresponds ok, and yes i read on a web page about fitting the light fitting in the bathroom, i have checked that the wire coming from the switch is correctly wired into the colours, the black wires are not together but in a plastic block with 3 connections, one black then the two bare then the other black. any other ideas? pleeeze
If you connect a lamp (or a test meter) across the two blacks with the power turned off, does it come on when you restore power and operate the switch?

p.s. have you got a digital camera so that you can put up a pic of the fittings and connections?

ok i sent hubby round cousins round the corner to go get tester!!! sorry for been vague, but when i test the black wires, which ones do you mean?
the ones in the light fitting? or switches? or all of them? and yes its me doing it, not the husband!!!! he's kindly watching me!!! ( he could actually get the ironing done whilst im doing his job!! lol)
I mean the two black wires in the bathroom ceiling fitting.

I don't believe you will need to do anything more with the switch.

And if all the other lights are working properly it is unlikely you will need to do anything to any of them (unless you disturbed any connections in them).

It is very important to know that all the other lights are working and have not been disturbed; otherwise there might be a wrong connection in one of then that is stopping your bathroom lamp from working.
right got the tester, a small handheld gadget CM1200T Caltex instrument. turned it to the right 600 v~ held it against a black wire switched power on and hey it registered zero, but the lights switched on!!!!! so we switched the light off, i took the wire out of the block and tested it again, zero again... no lights!!!!!, put the wire back in block, still no light (dispare now) what am i doing wrong plzzzzz
Let me check... you say there is no voltage between the two blacks in the ceiling fitting, whatever you do with the light switch, is that right?

If so, test between the terminal with the two reds in it, and one of the blacks; then the terminal with the two reds in it, and the other black. Do you get a voltage in either case?

No need to take the wires out of their terminals. The tester should have insulated probes with a pointed metal tip that will reach into the terminal screws.
hi again
ok, right do i have to take both the black wires out of the block and hold the metal pen of the gadget to both at the same time? i know i sound vague but was a bit shocked wen the light switched on?
really sorry for this and thank u for being patient, and yes i have a camera phone but it could take a while to post a pic
(I have edited my post from a few minutes ago)

What do you mean the light went on?

Do you mean "shocked" or "surprised"?

You must not touch any wires or terminals with your fingers.

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