Help me PLEEEEEZE!- bathroom light wont work

Yes, that would do. You mean, the yellow digital multimeter with a knob in the middle, and a red and a black test probe.

The squiggle means "A.C" and the 600 means it will read up to 600 volts.

You should have a reading of between 220v and 240V

Do you get such a voltage between any of the wires?

p.s. The black lead is always connected into the socket marked COM, short for COMMON. The red lead is connected into the socket labelled VmA. The 10A socket is very rarely used.

p.p.s You put one of the test probes on one of the terminals in your light fitting, and the other probe on another terminal. It does not matter which is black and which is red for this test.
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hi again

right went back upstairs, and the light is working!!!! so have put the fitting back up and left it on. I darent switch it off!!!! as i have been doing this since 5.30 when i came in from work.I know there is a problem, whether its a simple thing or a not so simple thing thats happening. I will give it a try on sat morning when its light, will you be online then??? as im at work again in the morning till wen its dark.. or have u any suggestions now that would help me for instance if i check the wires together and theres voltage there, then what would the problem be? and if theres no voltage, what would i do next, but on sat i can take pics and post for you
I am very grateful for your replies, and that you are quick with the response
I suspect there is a loose connection. It might be in the switch, or the ceiling rose, or (if there is one) a junction box in the loft or hidden away :evil: out of sight (that is why you are not allowed to put junction boxes where they cannot be accessed but some idiots do)

It could also be in the lamp fitting in an adjacent room (remember that light circuits (usually) run in a string, with the supply to each lamp running from the lamp before it in the string. If you have disturbed any of the other lamps that could be the one at fault.

You can entertain yourself (another day) by lightly tapping the switches and ceiling roses (e.g. with a broom handle) while your accomplice watches the bathroom lamp for any flickering.

I am often here when I have nothing useful to do, but so are other people who can help. Don't tell them you're a frustrated blonde as some of them can be rather indelicate.

BTW I am pretty sure that a bunch of other electrical folk will have been watching us to see how we got on :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

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hey to all the leccies out there watching and giggling, well my hubby is a firefighter on a day off and i am trying to sort the electrics out!!!! i still have my work uniform (suit) on, i have had no tea, the kids had chippy. I have been balancing on a bath pulling light fittings down whilst he has stood there watching me!!! and now i lost the screws to light in the looe!!!! and he is moaning at me lmao.. I will prob need some assistance on sat plze if anyone could help... and thanking u for time and patience in advance of my sat shift with the bathroom light and switches :LOL:
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