Help my sink stop leaking!

24 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
My sink refuses to stop leaking. The sink is an old victorian one and rather than renew it, it cleaned up well and Ive replaced the fittings.
The taps are fine, the problem is the plug hole.

The waste I bought came with a rubber washer and a plastic nut. I fitted the waste correctly with the washer underneath the sink, but it leaked. I pumped silicone around the waste to create a seal between the sink and the waste and tried again, with no luck. The leak seems to get worse when the hot tap is run. Could it be the sealent Im using (It is the right stuff and its new) or maybe I just need to pump s**t loads of it around the waste?

Any help would be helpful and appreciated.
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If it`s your sink then I take it, it`s in the kitchen or outhouse otherwise it will be your washbasin, not being clever or anything just trying to get a mental picture of it. If it`s a really old fellow, it may well be that your new plughole, waste etc, is not seated properly. Take it all out, clean it, remove all sealant, & before you replace plughole, run a line of sealant around the underneath of it, press it into position, do same underneath & let it go off..... :D :D Bingo!.....the job`s a good `un...
Yes you're right it is a basin and the waste doesnt seat very well. Will go to work with the sealant right now and see how it goes. Thanks.
Use plumbers mait for porcelain.

They are never manufactured very well especially the cheaper ones and PM fills in any irregularities. :D
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Victorian sinks should be installed the victorian way.

Plumbers mait around the top flange, stick it through the hole, from underneith roll plumbers mait into a sausage and wrap it around the waste, fit washer (lead is best) and do nut up.

Victorians used Putty and redlead :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
So consider yourself told! ms2000 & whatever! :D :D :D ( He used to live around here when it was all fields y`know). I would like to point out that the comment I have just made was intended to be friendly banter. No offence was intended or should be inferred, & no animals were hurt during the filming of this programme, names & faces have been changed to protect the innocent........ :D
I thought redlead was what they painted onto stop steel rusting.

I must be missing something here. :?:

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