help please, sanding & varninshing floors

6 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom

I am really stressed out with this. We spent all weekend sanding and varninshing the flooors in our hallyway and kitchen.

We first applied ronseal dark oak colour (2 coats).

We then applied ronseal diamond hard gloss. I scratched the first coat with sandpaper (lightly rubbed it on floors). Then we did another coat of gloss and that's when the problem started.

The floor doesn't all look glossy. Instead, it looks patchy (i.e. parts are glossy and parts are cloudy (as if water had dried on them). However, if you apply pressure like with your foot, it gose away and gets shiny. Then later its patchy in a different spot.

Also, i just dropped some hot water from the oven onto the floor (just a drop about 10 mm diameter) and the drop has gone white.

Can anyone please advise on what is going on. We've previously done the entire house with the same varnishes and nothing like this has ever happenend. Could the varnish have gone off? Please note that the first coat of gloss before the scratching was fine.

Thanks a lot!!!
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It sounds to me like a water problem. Pressing your foot and making it 'shiny' isn't about pressure, but the heat of your foot driving the water/dampness away for a while. If you leave it for a few days the water content will probably evaporate.
Thanks Joe-90.

Is the water under the varnish because it doesnt feel wet to the touch? If it doesn't go away, will we need to sand it all and re-do or can we just try to gloss over with a different tub of varnish?
It sounds more like humidity/moisture to me. Acrylic varnish goes milky when in contact with water. Best bet is to contact the Tech Dept at Ronseal and they'll advise you.
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did you use a damp cloth to remove the dust!!!!

if you use more than bairly moist cloth you may have itroduced more moisture than could easily evaporate before you varnished
maybe time will allow it to dry out from underneath :rolleyes:

I did ... after i scratched it i used a damp cloth to remove any dust ... but the floor wasn't revarnished for about 2.5 hrs so i would have expected it to have dried by then.

If it is this which has caused it, is there anything I can do? How can the water dry out when i thought that varnish prevented water from going through it?

Thanks for all your advice guys!
is the varnish oil or water based!!!!

acrylic clean brushes in water

i have only had varnish going cloudy near the end off its life in use when water penetrated and got behind it

my thought are its not adhered at the cloudy patches and the thin layer of air is making it opaque and when you stand on it the varnish temporarily sticks and goes clear

i would give it a week or 2 with the expectation of having to re-sand and re-apply

did you thoroughly mix the varnish before use!!!!

and as 90 says ask the tec department

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