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Help please with building a 2m feature wall

Discussion in 'Building' started by happyhero, 16 Jul 2021.

  1. happyhero


    28 Jun 2005
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    United Kingdom
    I want to build a feature wall in our back garden to replace the current 2m fence. As it will be about 2 meters high I think I am right in thinking that it has to be double skin, is that right?

    I want to build it out of London Stocks, preferably genuine old ones but still toying with “new made to look old” ones.

    It is going to be 5.7m long and will meet up with the corner of our extension so possibly we could overlap and use one of those connector bars that you screw to the original wall and have metal spurs poking out at regular intervals into the new mortar. It does not have to join up with the extension at all but I figured any extra bracing/fixing would be a benefit.

    I live in Surrey and the ground is very hard where I am, a nightmare to dig, with some clay and chalk.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading but see differing advice so I would like to check here what you guys think, so,

    Must be built double skin at 2m high, yes or no?

    It will be 5.7m long, do I need to have pillars I prefer not to (looking locally I see many high walls with no pillars over greater lengths)?

    I’ve read foundations must be 100mm wider each side but how deep, I read 450mm deep with top of foundation to be 150mm deep for frost protection, so I have to dig 600mm is this correct?

    I read to install rebar with uprights and cross pieces to create 12” boxing is that right?

    What size rebar do I use?

    Do I need to insure the rebar doesn’t poke out of the concrete? In which case can I use bits of brick for feet to keep it off the soil? Or what else do you suggest?

    Should I lay a bed of anything, maybe shingle before pouring concrete and should I tamp it down first?

    What is best mix for foundation, I read 5:1 and 6:1 for a ready mixed sand and aggregate to mix with cement?

    Should I use a damp courses some stuff I read it didn’t seem important and others it said you must put it in even in a feature wall to stop the damp migrating up and damaging the brickwork over time?

    Can I use the same bricks to cap the wall i.e. a soldier course, I like the look better than some grey stone etc.?

    Personally I like to go for a little bit of overkill without getting silly so I am prepared to dig a little deeper or do a little extra rather than just enough if that helps with the advice.

    Any help or advice appreciated as I am concerned about some conflicting things I read so I feel asking about my exact project is the best way forward.
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  3. noseall


    2 Feb 2006
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    United Kingdom
    Minimum 450mm wide foundation (I opted for 600mm).

    Minimum 215 thick wall with 450mm piers.

    Dig down to decent ground with minimum 250mm thick foundation concrete.

    A 1.8m high wall should look like this..

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