Help - which type of Surrey flange should I get?

13 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I want to add a surrey flange to my HW tank but I'm baffled with the sizes available!

The pipe is 22mm. This connects via a compression elbow to a small length of copper pipe which in turn fits in to the top of the tank.

22mm pipe--->22mm compression elbow----> small length of copper pipe---->into tank with 22mm compression nut

(This is very hard to describe! My email address is If anyone wants to mail me I can send a small digital photo.)

There seems to be different types of surrey flange ie 22mm and 3/4". Are these the same size? Would I need a convertor?

Please someone contact me so I can send the image - I can't think of any other way to explain it



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I can't see any reason to use a Surrey flange. Warix are better and easier to fit, and the pipes are in the right directions.

Essex are the easiest but frighten people who don't want to drill a hole in the side of the cylinder - which takes about 15 seconds with a holesaw.
(Takes a long time if you've forgotten to drain some water out, it's true)

Just get whatever size fits the boss in the top of your cylinder, but be careful, there may well be a bush in there reducing it, which you would want to remove. Easy if you're a plumber, but you may have trouble.
Thanks for the help mate :D

Does a Warrix flange help disperse air like a Surrey does?
I'm having a bit of a hard time even finding a flange of any description in Dundee. Do Wickes keep them?

Any chance I can send you a photo?

Yes a warix should work the same.

There is no 22mm on the cyl, there are only male or female bsp fittings, these are usually connected to with a cyl union.
First find out if male or female on cylinder. If you can't recognize at a glance different sizes, 1/2" is same as the thread on a 15mm compression fitting, 3/4" is not same thread but similar size to thread on a 22mm compression fitting. The other one is 1". That is probably what you have.

Buy the appropriate Warix pr Danzey fitting from

Don't belly ache about minimum order, get a plumber if you can't stand the heat, put up or shut up.
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