Fitting surrey/warix flange to HWS tank with 22mm outlet

5 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
I want to fit a shower pump alongside the HWS tank, but I have found that the top outlet fitting is a male 22mm compression fitting thread (22mm or 7/8" ??) although the coil unions are 1" females?!?!.

Is there any way of adapting a conventional 1" or 3/4" thread Surrey/Warix flange onto the 22mm thread?

I would rather do this than have to drill the tank for an Essex flange if possible.

Many thanks.
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you'll more likely find thats a 22mm to 1" iron screwed into the top of the cylinder.

you'll more likely find thats a 22mm to 1" iron screwed into the top of the cylinder.


Thanks, I was expecting to find a 1" female so thought that this might be the case, but I can't see any sign of a flange/hex between the 22mm thread and where it enters the tank.

It is really tricky to see as the shelving has been built snug to the top of the tank, so I will take the shelf out and wedge my head in for a better look.
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I have checked the cylinder and it definitely is 22mm male thread formed straight from the top of the copper tank (Yuk!).

Seems like a pretty un-flexible way of supplying a tank, especially when the coil fittings are still 1". Why can't manufacturers stick with making thinks the good old way and constantly frig with things to save 2p, grrr.

I will get one of the guys in our machine shop to knock me up a 1"female to 22mm female socket and see if I can use the 1" Salamander s-flange that I bought.

I'll post a pic if it works.
I've got the exact same problem. Did you resolve it in the end? A 1" to 22mm adapter could work, the salamander flange does fit inside a 22mm fitting (just!) and would still give sufficient flow I think.

I too don't want to put an Essex flange in.

Checked the make and model of tank and specs said 1" BSP outlet, buy the flange and all the bits I need, drain the tank, take the pipe out of the top expecting to see a 1" to 22mm converter, but no, 22mm straight from the tank.

So bloody annoying!!!

I too am thinking of some kind of adapter using the immersion hole, as we've never used the immersion since we've lived here. All I'd need is a brass immersion blank to play with. Any idea where I can get one??
I think it said 3 3/8 on my immersion heater box spanner!

I must have my wires crossed.

Will have to think about how to drill through the blanking plate and what type of fittings to use to make it water tight. Any ideas?

Alternatively, how do you drill the tank for an Essex flange? What type of bit etc?

Cheers again!!
Hi all.
This thread has been very useful to me as I had the same problem as the OP. Couldn't fit a surrey flange because of the moulded in 22mm connection on top of my HWC & didn't really fancy fitting an Essex.
Mehran's use of the immersion heater plug is an excellent idea & very easy to do. I bought a new blanking plug, holesawed a 22mm hole in the centre & soldered in a length of pipe to pick up hot water about 3" from the top. The beauty of this is it still leaves the hexagon to get a spanner on, so tightening is no problem.
So thanks to Mehran & Seco services who suggested soldering in a pipe (I was going to fit a tank connector) for the idea.
Thanks lads. :)

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