Help with different sub layers in kitchen floor

15 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We're currently renovating a Victorian house and are struggling a little with the kitchen floor situation. As we are in a tough spot financially we cannot afford to get any trades in at the moment so please no suggestions on that or i'll cry.

As you can see from the picture half of the floor (closest half) is higher than the half further away. The latter half is sand and used to have Norfolk Pamment tiles laid.

What we're struggling with is figuring out which layers we need and in what order but also trying to keep them under a total depth of 130mm. There is only 130mm of space under the back door.

As the higher layer is already a concrete slab here is the plan we were going to go with (advice welcomed).

(over sand area)
- add and compact more sand to level
- concrete to same height as existing slab on other half
(over entire floor)
- 40mm screed
- 20mm self levelling compound
- 20mm Wundatherm polystyrene underfloor heating sheets
- 35mm screed
- parquet flooring

Ideally some advice on how to achieve the most effective insulating floor without having to dig down would be great.

Also advice on whether we've got the correct sub layers in the right order.

Thanks in advance :)


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