Hive receiver output pins

26 Apr 2022
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United Kingdom
I've installed hive on my older Y plan heating system. The dual channel Hive receiver has replaced the dual channel old programmer on the same backplate. My issue is that pin 4 on the Hive receiver (CH On) goes live for both heating and HW activation. I'm struggling to make this work for my 3 way diverter valve as that needs to motor open for CH only. Am I being a muppet?

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They are two separate outputs, terminal 4 is for the central heating and terminal 3 is for the hot water. If both of your 'control' wires are in terminal 4, that means that the hot water and the central heating are both being controlled by the central heating channel.

It's sometimes done when one channel on the programmer is faulty, both control wires are put into the working channel as a 'get you by' measure.
Thanks, sorry I should have been clearer - The Hive itself is making pin 4 live for HW activation as well as CH activation. I need a live for CH alone to motor my valve but surprisingly Pin4 also goes live from the programmer for HW too...
OK, so if I've understood you correctly, it sounds like you may have it set in 'gravity' mode of operation, you require 'fully pumped' mode for a system with a 3-port diverter.

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Thanks - I tried switching it in and out of gravity mode but it has this behavior in both normal and gravity modes!
Sorry then I'm out of obvious solutions. Have you tried the test without any external wiring connected to terminals 3 & 4, sometimes if the wiring is wrong the 'live' can be fed back down the wire to the terminal, rather than originating from it.

Did the original programmer work as it should?

Also, has anything happened during the installation, has a fuse blown or an MCB tripped for example?

Other than that, if without any wiring connected, the fault persists it's probably best to ring the Hive helpline. If it's in 'fully pumped' mode and both CH and HW 'on' terminals are live when just the CH is set to be 'on' it's faulty.
Thanks Stem - I think I need to get the whole thing isolated to check there's no wiring pushing a live back to it from the HW output as you suggest. Otherwise it's faulty then by the sounds of it. Thanks for the help - just wanted to check this wasn't 'normal' and I was being dim..
How do you know pin 4 is going live at the same time? What programmer was in previously? Is the system a gravity system (I know this has been covered slightly)?

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