Hive to Danfoss model 102

11 Mar 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi I'm trying to wire up a dual hive hot water,central heating controller my Danfoss model 102, and its a three port valve with no room thermostat. Was wondering if there is a wiring diagram for this? Danfoss has a comm terminal which is confusing hive doesn't.
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The Danfoss 102 will probably have a link inserted to join together the 'L' and 'Com' terminal. Hive has this link already made internally for you, so no extra external link is required.

Are you sure you have a 3-Port valve though? This type of motorised valve requires a 'hot water off' connection that closes the hot water port when no further heating of the hot water is required, but the 102 doesn't have this facility. (Hive does, it uses terminal 1)
there will be a label on your 3-port valve post a pic of it , you may have a simple diverter valve as opposed to a mid poition valve
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I seem to remember that the Danfoss 102 is one of those programmers that will always turn the hot water 'on' automatically whenever the central heating is selected 'on'. Meaning that it only provides:

Hot Water Only
Heating & Hot Water

This means that the situation whereby the programmer switches the hot water 'off' but the heating stays 'on' never occurs. Therefore, the hot water off connection that closes off the hot water port of the motorised valve isn't needed as far as the programmer is concerned.

However, when the hot water cylinder gets hot, the motorised valve's grey wire for 'hot water off' should still be connected to the cylinder thermostat (assuming that there is one fitted) to stop the hot water being overheated whilst the heating is still running.

If that is the case, (and depending upon the valve type, as per @ianmcd) a new wire from the motorised valve to the Hive terminal 1 will need to be installed.
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There is a cylinder stat where does the grey wire go? In the junction box somewhere
This is the danfoss 102


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need more info on the three way valve, you can use that same wiring but you wont get CH on its own without HW also being on, same as you already have
There is a cylinder stat where does the grey wire go? In the junction box somewhere

Usually there's a wiring centre somewhere, represented by the strip of terminals 1 to 10 below. Much will depend upon the personal preferences of the original installer and the layout of the various heating components within your home.

The grey wire and its link to the cylinder thermostat is highlighted by the red circles, in the example below via terminal 7.


You will see too, that terminal 7 is also connected to the 'HW off' terminal 1 at the programmer [EDIT: I have modified the diagram to show a Hive connected]. This facility is missing from the Danfoss 102. You can use Hive without this connection, but you would need to set it to 'gravity mode' of operation. This will select the hot water to be 'on' whenever the heating was 'on' as you have now. Independent operation of the heating and hot water would not be possible without the 'HW Off' connection.
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@stem without seeing the valve as requested we cant be sure what the OP has , but I suspect it is a W plan diverter valve as opposed to a Y plan, with a 3 wire actuator hence no grey wire anywhere
I know :)
and depending upon the valve type, as per @ianmcd
My thinking was that if the OP went away and had a look and there wasn't a wire it from the cylinder thermostat it would help with the identification. On the other hand if it's an installation that has been converted to Y-Plan and the old programmer had been retained and the thermostat did have a grey wire, again we would know. I was trying to cover all bases I guess. Apologies for any confusion.
Photos as requested


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The cable on your valve is black, which is correct , but your pics show white cables in the junction box ? ahere does this change ?


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