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6 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom

We have just received our homebuyer survey back from the surveyor. It is a 1930s semi.

It suggested the following things:

Urgent Matters
-Repairing single storey rear roof covering and rear flashings
-Repair roof flashings
-Check and replace mortar on flues and improve flashing around stack
-Localised repointing ad making good especially at front
-Roof space – some improvements to chimney support
-Upgrade support to chimney breast
-Renew rear metal gutter

Maintenance considerations
-Ventilate and cap redundant flues
-Some double glazing has misted. Repair/replace
-Repair garage door, gutter and floor (there is an inspection pit)
-Check possibility lead paint has been used

There is also the standard - inspect the electrics and service the heating.

We will of course get quotes to get this work done. Most of the above seems to be ok and what we expected, but we are particularly concerned about the ‘upgrade to chimney breast’ and chimney support plus the repointing.

Particularly the chimney work as this sounds expensive!

Can anyone advise what this may involve? Is there anything else on the list that could pose potentially major problems (especially in regards to cost)?

Thanks for your help!

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Shouldn't you ask the surveyor .... who you have paid to comment on what he has seen, and who will be the only one who knows what he had in mind?

"Upgrade" is a wrong choice of words. It either needs doing or it does not, and upgrade implies some choice of whether to do it or not. Presumably what is there currently is doing its job otherwise the chimney would be in distress and the surveyor would have noticed this .... wouldn't he? :rolleyes:
thanks woody.

yep, completetley agree - I think the general impression we have is they note anything they spot. I think that the downside of the homebuyers survey is the vagueness.

Just wondered whether anybody had any thoughts on the recommendations or similar experiences in 30s houses.

Next step is we get quotes I guess...
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Bearing in mind the work that will need doing, offer ten grand less and tell them you won't hang around. In the current climate they'd be daft to say no, particularly if you point out that the market value of the house will probably be worth 10 grand less in 6 months time anyway.
Make your offer, give them a few weeks to mull it over, and make it clear that you are prepared to walk away.

Of course ignore this if you know for a fact there are other interested parties or if you were involved in a bidding war for the house.

Sod it, make it fifteen grand :evil:

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