Honeywell ST699B..1002 timer and T40 thermo to Hive Active htg.

14 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom
I have recently converted my Honeywell DHW/Htg to the Hive Active htg controls and found that when I select Htg only the DHW also comes in, i.e. I can’t have htg alone. This didn’t happen with the Honeywell timer so I’m wondering whether I have incorrectly terminated the wires. Everything else is working perfectly.

My Honeywell timer wiring was the S-plan with terminals L, 5 and 8 linked together. Terminals N, 3 and 6 were also wired. Terminals 4 and 7 had no wires to them.
I moved the L and N wires from the Honeywell to the Hive Dual channel receiver L and N.
I moved the Honeywell terminal 3 to Hive 4 and terminal 6 to Hive 3.

When replacing the Honeywell T40 I simply connected the Live feed wire, terminal 1, to the switched live wire, terminal 3 using a choc. block.
I capped off the earth wire and the wire from terminal 2.
There were no wires connected to terminals 4, 5 and 6.

I attach a diagram below of my wiring arrangement before and after and would appreciate any advice on what I may have done wrong or do I have to accept that I will have to have the DHW on when I only want the Htg on ?.

Thanks. Mike.

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First of all check that the Hive is set up properly. I suspect you may have moved yours to 'Gravity Mode'. For an S-Plan it should be set to 'Fully Pumped' which is the default setting.


The wiring you have posted looks correct, but as a check it should have been done as follows. The ST connections are:


The wires are disconnected from the ST and reconnected to the Hive terminals that have exactly the same functions. So:

The N & L go to the Dual Channel Hive N & L respectively

The wire that was in 6 (DHW ON) now goes to Hive 3 (Hot Water ON)

The wire that was in 3 (CH ON) now goes to Hive 4 (Heating ON)

No need of any additional links, Dual Channel Hive has these already made for you internally


And you appear to have 'bridged' the original room thermostat successfully.
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Hi Stem, many thanks for your prompt response. I have reset my Hive to fully pumped and all is working as it should, i.e. DHW alone and/or Htg alone or both.

As I have a traditional hot water tank and a loft header tank I “ incorrectly “ assumed that it should be in “gravity mode”, seemed obvious to me !!!

The “basic wiring” diagram that you have added above is not the same as my original S Plan as I had no wires connected to terminals 7 and 4. But I guess that’s all academic now ??

thanks again. Mike
Now you have no wires connected to the Hive 1 and 2 - but their function is still shown on the diagram

The wires are disconnected from the ST and reconnected to the Hive terminals that have exactly the same functions. So:
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You only need to use the wires you had originally, the wires connected depend upon the type of system the controls are connected to. If they weren't there before, you won't need them now. Which is why I only described the transfer of the existing 4 wires.

I'm sure you aren't the only one to be confused by the use of term 'Gravity' by Hive. IMHO the heating of hot water by gravity should be termed 'Gravity Circulation' and the use of a feed tank to fill the system 'Gravity Fed'

Gravity Fed & Gravity Circ Model (1).jpg

Hive unfortunately use the term 'Gravity Fed' to describe 'Gravity Circulation'.

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