Hoover washer error E:03, pump working

8 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
hi everyone

I have a Hoover 8Kg DYN8144DIX washing machine that takes water in (the right amount), heats it, washes throughout normal cycle, drains dirty water as expected, but very rarely gets to the spin.

in the very end of the cycle, just before it would start the spin, it shows error E:03, which IIUC means "water not draining". Now I know for a fact that the pump is ok and it pumps water out in the middle of the cycle, every time. I also checked the hose and filter for blockage. When it pumps the soapy warm water out mid-cycle, it comes strong as expected. I also see that the water disappears from the drum. So the pump is ok.

however, the controller still thinks the water is not draining. I can hear the pump running before the spin and a trickle of water can come out, but it still fails for some reason. Once I managed to get it to spin and complete the programme. The rest of the times it fails.

the question is, how does it determine if the water is there? I can't see any sensors around the bottom of the drum/pump. is it the pressure sensor? I think it's only got one pressure threshold and I checked that it switches (with an ohmmeter) when I blow in it.

any ideas? would be a shame to send it to the landfill.

many thanks in advance.
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Did you blow through the pipe into the pump as well as up to the switches, could be blocked pump end.
thanks for your suggestion jj4091, I will try that.

I assumed that if the machine is quite new, there shouldn't be any gunk there.
filled the bottom of the drum with water and blew through the pipe -- could hear bubbling. the issue remains.

found the diagram for the pressure sensor and it doesn't seem to connect one contact (16), while switches the others (12/14). 11 is common.

will replace and see.
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no, it's not the pressure sensor.

there's mains voltage on the pressure sensor and I measured it going from 230V to 0V when the machine is filled with water. it goes back when I activate the drain/spin programme.

I tracked the low voltage signal that goes to the microcontroller and it goes from 4.5V to 2.6V which is not low enough to be a logical 0. but then I don't know if that is not an analogue input for some stupid reason. I made sure all resistors in that path are OK.

without the schematic there's not much I can do. even if the uC is damaged, there's no way of replacing it.
Run a cold wash (heat totally off), if that works then the heating element needs to be replaced.
The error codes are generally unhelpful and should not be relied on.
I did check that the heater heats the water during wash. do you mean the heater NTC malfunction?

thanks for your reply.
do you mean the heater NTC malfunction?
No, I mean run a cold wash so the element is not used at all.

The element heating up proves nothing - it's possible that the element insulation has failed and the fault only shows when it is hot, the controller can detect earth leakage on the element but may not display the correct error code (which would most likely be E08) as it depends on where in the wash cycle the problem occurs.

If you have the equipment or know someone that has, disconnecting both wires from the element and testing the insulation between one terminal of the element and the metal frame will indicate of it is faulty or not. This will require a 500V insulation tester, a multimeter is no use.
thanks, that's very helpful. I will try to find the cold programme.

you are right, I don't have the insulation tester. unless I lash something up... like a full wave voltage doubler, then use an ampere meter to test for leakage.
BTW do you know how likely it is that the binary signal from the pressure sensor would go to an analogue input of the microcontroller? I am trying to make sense why the signal changes, but it can't possible be binary.
BTW do you know how likely it is that the binary signal from the pressure sensor would go to an analogue input of the microcontroller? I am trying to make sense why the signal changes, but it can't possible be binary.
I could only find the rinse/spin programme. ran it twice, no error. next is to insulation-test the heater.
measured leakage on mains voltage, hot and cold. doesn't go higher than 2.7uA (microamperes).

I don't think this order of leakage is likely to be detected by the control board.

I am quite puzzled now. faulty control board?

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