Horstmann Economy 7 Immersion Timer battery problem?

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when people downgrade to Combi boilers, they often put their old Horstmann on ebay, so you can pick one up at low price.
I tried Ebay a while back. Either the batteries couldn't be relied upon eg unit been sitting in a drawer, &/or they were quite pricy!
Sorry I dont know, I would try RS Components, google 320bvh nimh there are loads, see if you see one that matches yours, wouldnt have thought it would be the battery to be honest, most likely the motor

thanks, will try.
The motor? behind the timer? Ah, ok, thank you. How can I check out the motor?

The battery is definitely dead, and apparantly they don't work when they have dead batteries, so could be both.
This is the nearest I have got so far (apart from finding some potentials in Russia and US), hopefully it's the correct one!

says "There is 1 battery for GP320BVH model from GP BATTERY"

These are cross referenced with other manufacturers part numbers, but I have no idea if these are the battery I want, & I don't think they are all the same:
FARNEL 8636303
VARTA 55630201043
VARTA V300H also has the following alternate codes according to Cell Pack Solutions:55630, CP280, V280H, V280R,
Anyone know if these would be exactly the same?

I will phone them tomorrow to see if I can verify it. Unfortunately I don't know what voltage my battery was.

Their postage is twice the battery price!
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Kind Regards, John
According to the specification I found, a 320BVH cell is 1.2 volt

I presume it is an industry-standard cell, and all makes will be the same size and other attributes.


does yours look like the illustration?

If there are several cells packed into the same wrapper, it would be 1.2v each, so you could have five connected and wrapped together in a 6v battery. It is tiresome if the wrapper did not have a reference number.

The marking you found when you peeled off the wrapper is the identification of the cell on the top of the pile, if there are several. You would have to look at the entire unit as fitted in your timer to buy the same thing.

The examples you showed earlier
I checked GP Batteries, and nothing again. I have emailed Cell Pack Solutions.

I really wonder what I am doing wrong with my searches!

On cellpacksolutions there were these. They have numbers after (and are different shape, although I don't mind that) - am I looking for one without numbers after?

View attachment 235389

are batteries of multiple cells joined together, that's why they form a longer cylinder.
I am going to update this message, as I get results in, so no one need repeat any research unnecessarily:

GP - only do consumer batteries now, not industry ones. She said this one looks like an industrial one, and so far cannot verify what BVH stands for.
RS - don't stock it
CPC - no longer stock it
Cell Pack Solutions - say they not help with this product
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does yours look like the illustration?

Thanks for further input & info, John.
yes it looks similar or the same (see green in photo - are you able to see it or would a better photo be better?), although I haven't measured it yet. Many button batteries seem to look like this!

If there are several cells packed into the same wrapper, it would be 1.2v each, so you could have five connected and wrapped together in a 6v battery. It is tiresome if the wrapper did not have a reference number.

Yes, this is why I have started looking at multi packs - I'm assuming I can take them to bits. Only problem is the tails (are "tags" what the tails are connected to?)


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