1. J

    Lawnmower battery charger not working - Any idea what to check

    A friend of mine who has a very little garden own a 36v Qualcast battery mower. Nice little toy for a small garden. He asked me to check what`s wrong with the charger as taken the mower out of the shed put the battery to charge but nothing go live. no light nothing. Battery showing as poor...
  2. J

    DT10RF Battery

    The system is 10 years old. I have changed the Digistat battery after the icon started flashing but it still flashes. It's a new battery from a recently bought pack. I have already changed it twice but it is still flashing. Any advice please? Thanks
  3. M

    Incompatible or faulty? B&D drill battery fully charged. Doesn't work. Other's do... Why?

    Two B&D 18v NiCad batteries. They both fit my old 18v B&D EPC18 drill, but only the 2-pin/prong A18E battery works. The 3-pin ML:HPB18 is completely dead in the drill, but, after testing, seems to be fully charged (16.6V = OK for a not-new battery?). So, is this because the batteries are...
  4. EcoGirl

    Horstmann Economy 7 Immersion Timer battery problem?

    Hi, Summary: I am looking to buy a replacement battery. Does anyone know where or how to find one? I believe this is the problem. I changed the tank to a thermal store. I left the Horstmann switched off at the mains ie no power to charge the battery, for several years. Apparently they won't...
  5. chalkywhite

    SLR camera batteries

    Hi all,the original Nikon battery for my D80 will no longer charge, and the mickey mouse replacement lasts about 5 mins. Are genuine batteries costing £50 the way to go, or do some get on OK with certain copycat batteries please? Ta
  6. MeldrewsMate

    Dead (mobility) battery test?

    Wasn't sure in which category to post this enquiry, but here goes. I've just bought a mobility scooter for my dad. He has just had to give up his driving licence, and can't walk back home from the chippy fast enough to avoid cold chips. I half expected to have to buy a pair of new batteries...
  7. bird_egg

    Battery LED Lights

    Hello, Is there a way I can join four identical sets of LED outside lights into one battery transformer, if so what would I be looking to get in terms of Volts Watts. On each of the battery packs it says: 192 LED Outdoor Battery Lights Battery Type = 3 X AA Lamp: 3V/0.06W Non replaceable LED...
  8. S

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012

    Hi All It's time to change the battery Reading all the posts I know what to buy and I think how to change My concern is that I don't know is if the panel has the tamper alarm connected or not. What happens if it is? Will my User Code silence the bell Am I able to change the battery using my...
  9. L

    Scantronic 9651 - Deactivate?!

    Hello, I have a Scantronic 9651 alarm which is beeping and low battery sign showing. I had it replaced by an engineer 4 years ago but I never use the alarm and just want to deactivate the whole thing... is this possible Without an engineer call out?! Thank you.
  10. BillyWillySilly

    Ryobi High Energy Battery - 3Ah vs 4Ah?

    I've begun the expensive descent into Ryobi tools. Impressed with my cordless circular saw, I am in need of an SDS drill. The Ryobi is sold bare and so was going to get something meaty to go with it, but noticed that the 3Ah is nearly the same price as the 4Ah. Clearly the 3Ah is newer with...
  11. Mb90

    Pyronix Enforcer Battery Issue

    Hi, We've had a pyronix enforcer alarm for around 3 and a half years. Not sure on model. Last month it came up with wireless batt fault so i replaced them all with cr123a and the problem went away. This morning we were woken by the same fault. Other than the obvious - one of the new...
  12. N

    Texecom premier elite wireless sounders

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced same issue. I fitted a premier elite wireless system just over 3 years ago. After about a year I had a battery fault on the internal sounder. Took the 8 lithium batteries out and tested them 7 were at 1.7v or above, one was 0.1v. Now after...
  13. P

    Smoke Alarm - NL3602 - Changing Battery

    Hi, My Smoke Alarm is making a chirping/beeping sound indicating low battery. I haven't changed this for 4/5 years but do recall it being a total pita. :D The battery drawer is stuck so I cannot change the battery. I don't recall whether I had to stick something into the keyslot (e.g...
  14. Joeinglasgow

    Pyronix Enforcer Siren Battery Replacement

    Hi, We have a Pyronix wireless system installed just over 4 years ago and have had Wireless Low Battery Siren messages and alerts for a few days. We have dummy alarm boxes externally, but as far sias know only the internal panel siren. Once I opened the panel up I could check the internal...
  15. DerekPCB

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 Siren Battery

    The battery on the Deltabell siren box outside my property has gone, and I need to replace it. The siren is intermittently sounding, I assume because the battery is low and causing fluctuations. I just wanted to ask someone whose replaced the battery how easy is it to do? I need to go up a...
  16. N

    Texecom Ricochet - sounders not appearing on Ricochet Monitor

    I had a battery failure on my internal sounder, so put the system into engineering mode and changed out the 8 batteries (one had failed with no measurable voltage). Having put the system back into normal mode all appeared to be fine. However having checked the Wintex Ricochet Monitor one of...
  17. K

    running 240v power tools off inverter attached to car battery

    Need to do a job where there is no mains power. Anyone any experience with this sort of thing for prolonged use with car engine switched on...
  18. cwhaley

    Atco Battery Charger

    I was given an Atco Admiral SE Lawnmowe a few years backr. It has a pull cord to start which is fine but also has electric ignition with a key and a battery. I've spent some time servicing and cleaning the machine up and I'd like to be able to use the electronic ignition just because...
  19. J

    Veritas R8 Battery Voltage [Solved]

    Greetings all, Getting the oft encountered flashing power LED on my Veritas R8. Mains voltage and fuse seem ok. When external supply fuse pulled the alarm sounds. Battery Fuse ok, 11.2V DC measured at PCB terminals. Is this too low? Doesn't seem too bad for a 12V battery but I've seen other...
  20. W

    Texecom Micro Door Contact Battery Change

    Hello, Stupid question time, the battery in one of my Texecom Ricochet Micro Door Contact (GHA-0001) has died and I can’t for the life of me get the cover off to change it. I’m reluctant to manhandle it for fear of breaking the device. Has anyone had any experience with this, is there a knack...