Texecom Ricochet - sounders not appearing on Ricochet Monitor

11 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I had a battery failure on my internal sounder, so put the system into engineering mode and changed out the 8 batteries (one had failed with no measurable voltage). Having put the system back into normal mode all appeared to be fine. However having checked the Wintex Ricochet Monitor one of the PIR's, the internal and external sounders are not showing up.

They are the last 3 zones with the garage PIR zone 15, external sounder being zone 16 and internal being zone 17. All other zones show up correctly.

I admit i didn't try a walk test. System arms properly and shows no faults.

So I assumed I could just change the battery and not have to relearn the device (on the keypad they both still show as 'learnt'.

Can anyone offer any help please?

Edit: having just checked there is a tamper alarm on Zone 17 - internal sounder where I changed the batteries.
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If you have changed the battery correctly the device should function,

put the panel into engineering mode, check ricochet diagnostics in engineer utilities to show if the device is still register or is registering a fault.
We had a power blip this morning that tripped the RCD and was off for about 2 hours, the alarm panel battery held up but I had the normal indications and reset the panel. However the tamper alarm is new so I suspect that, in some way, was caused by power blip (alarm was fine yesterday and I changed batteries about 2 weeks ago). I guess I need to sort out the tamper fault first?
Check what the fault is displayed as, power off is not a tamper fault in its own right.

I would expect something like mains power off or AC failure, if the power was not available after about 5 or 10 minutes depending on what the delay was set to. If the power had gone off and on off very quickly may see a CIE fault.

A tamper fault may have be related to the power issue but I would expect certain other things to be displayed aswell, which it sounds like you reset.

Need to know what the tamper is before I can advise any further, did you reset with user or engineers code?
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Sorry about the delay - we've been away for a few days. So the only fault displayed on the keypad is 'Zone 17 Tamper', preventing me from setting the alarm (tried omitting the zone but that didn't work).

The power was off for about 2 hours and once i'd restored it all the power alarms cleared. The alarms I got were:

Mains AC alarm
Power Unit Failure Alarm
Mains AC alarm

and then once Id restored the power

Mains AC restore
Power Unit Failure restore

I reset with the engineers code.

Any advice would be appreciated.
power off depends on delay say 10 minutes :- ac mains failure
Power unit failure its been off for a while
Hi Thanks for that. I'll investigate the tamper alarm tomorrow but I don't understand how the power issue will have caused a tamper alarm on a wireless unit. Also why three of the wireless PIR's / sounders don't now appear on Ricochet monitor. I'll report back on what I find tomorrow.
OK so system is now back up and running. The only way I could get final 3 zones to be recognised was to re-learn each of them (a pain as one was the external sounder). The tamper fault seemed to be a red herring as once I had re-learnt that one there was no tamper alarm.

My thanks to secureiam whose post on another thread reminded me that on a PIR you can't just use the 'learn' button but have to remove battery and then re-insert whilst holding down learn button.

I am still not sure why the power fail caused the last 3 zones to be removed from Ricochet (maybe I inadvertently removed them when I was resetting after power fail?).

Also does anyone know why it take an hour or more before you can reset system after power fail?
I don't know of a tamper that wasn't for a reason of one kind or another.

A power failure message can be reset instantly? but firstly the power must be restored.

don't see why 3 devices got deleted off, but as you now have deleted and relearned, I would do a recommission of the mesh

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