1. DerekPCB

    Pyronix Wireless Deltabell Tamper

    After some advice gents. My alarm panel keeps triggering for tamper on the sounder. It's been fine for years. I went up recently and replaced the battery (as this also recently began to warn). Battery warn for sounder is gone but tamper remains. I tried checking the pcb and housing was...
  2. A

    Texecom ricochet bell box sounding randomly

    For the last 3 mornings whilst we are up and around one of my 2 wireless bell boxes has sounded and I'm unable to turn it off. Nothing comes up in the panel (prem elite 24) nothing in the event log. Checked ricochet diagnosis and box has signal (41 just now) and in contact within last 1 minute...
  3. A

    Texecom prem elite 24 speaker/sounder

    I have a simple 16ohm speaker wired in to the aux+ and speaker- terminals, it works for warning sounds etc. But won't sound in the event of an alarm trigger. Checked the volume is up in the settings which it is, what am I doing wrong or if there another issue?
  4. D

    scantronic panel panel reset

    Have a scantronic panel (white panel with 2 screws at the top) with a keypad (929) photo attached. I need to know how to reset it as I cant remember the passcode to do anything with it. Tried earlier and the alarm went off so had to disconnect the sounder. Anyone able to help ?
  5. N

    Texecom Ricochet - sounders not appearing on Ricochet Monitor

    I had a battery failure on my internal sounder, so put the system into engineering mode and changed out the 8 batteries (one had failed with no measurable voltage). Having put the system back into normal mode all appeared to be fine. However having checked the Wintex Ricochet Monitor one of...
  6. Meza

    How to wire UK Texecom siren to DSC PowerSeries panel?

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a Texecom Odysey X3 siren on a DSC PowerSeries PC1832 panel. I can't work out the wiring from the panel to the siren. The DSC has just two bell outputs: Bell + Bell - The Texcom Odysey X3 has +12v Bell Tmp 0v Strb Please can someone explain how I should connect these...
  7. C

    Pyronix Twin Alert Sounder to Enforcer V10

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help me, I have a Pyronix Enforcer V10, and I would like to connect TWO internal Pyronix Sounders to the system but I am unsure how to connect to the internal IO board, or if to connect any resistors? I do not currecly have any other item connected to...
  8. S

    strange problem setting alarm - please help! :)

    hi everyone i've got a problem with my alarm which i've put up with for the past few years, but now it's really starting to annoy me! it's a scantronic i-on 40. i've got 2 door contacts and 3 x PIRs. the keypad is in a cupboard in the hall, which is protected by one of the PIRs. it's...
  9. K

    Pyronix Enforcer - bell not sounding during Test Siren?

    Hi, I have the latest Pyronix Enforcer Homecontrol+ App v2.1 panel, and just received the Deltabell Plus sounder. I have wired it up but it needs confirming if correct, but both the backlight and strobe lights flash, but when doing a siren test under Engineer Tests menu, the strobe and...