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9 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
i have a servis m3094 washing machine. when the cycle has finished the clothes are VERY hot. the machine is obviously rinsing with hot water before the final spin.
I read in the manual that the machine can be hot and cold fill or cold fill only. i assume cold fill only means it will heat the water for itself instead of using all the hot water from the storage tank. i tried simply turning off the hot valve and started the machine up to do a load but the machine didnt fill so i turned the hot valve back on to allow the machine to fill then i immediately came on here.
is there something i need to do in order to use the machine as cold fill ? (do i need to transfer the current hot hose to the cold valve?)

please help!

any advice greatly received.
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It seems from your info that the cold water solenoid valve has failed, so no point trying to make it a cold fill.

probably a new valve required. Engineer time.

I take it that when say a 40 degrees cycle is selected it should fill with both hot and cold ?
if your diagnosis is correct (which i suspect it is!) then that would make sense as it would be filling with hot only all the time. but just getting back to my earlier point there anything that needs doing to convert it to cold fill only ????
From most DIY outlets you can buy a "y" piece adapter which accepts both hot and cold pipes, once connected to the cold supply.
You still use both valves, just cold water.

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now i am lost , whhat does the singular end of the Y connect to?? there is alreadt a hot and a cold feed I.E 2 hoses going into machine.
Sorry, I will explain more.

You should not try to convert the appliance, rather the incoming water supply.

The "y" piece adapter fits to the cold supply, with HOT and COLD inlet hoses connecting to the "y". Your house hot supply becomes redundant.

Therefore you can not fix your problem by converting to cold fill, as the appliance will still use the both valves during its relevent cycles.

Sounds to me like the fill hoses are on the wrong valves. The rinse only fills from the cold inlet so if it's hot then the hoses are connected wrongly.

Unplug any appliance before working on it.
thats what i suspected at first, ill pull the machine out later on and have a look.

thanks tired engineer! u shud try taking it easy for a bit!
checked the hoses on the back and they are correct as are the hoses connected to the valves correctly. i am told that this machine has always done this as did the previous one, (the scenario is i have moved in with my girlfriend and she says the problem has always been there) so i do not think it is a solenoid/valve problem
If you suspect that hot water is being taken in instead of cold, then surely it's a matter of swapping the hoses?

If the previous machine did the same thing then surely the hoses have been wrong for a while?

You might find that the red hose was incorrectly connected to the cold (and the blue one to the hot); again, this is pretty simply to sort out.
yes ive checked this (in my previous post) and even checked that it goes back to the valves under the sink.
And have you swapped the hoses over at the machine end, to see what effect that has?

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