Hotmail Log in problems

15 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
Anyone got problems loggin in to Hotmail today.
I have spent 45 mins tried everything.
Girl at the office also got a problem, cant find anything on the web about it, so could be new.
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Still cant get in.
Tried doing 'forgot password', asks my post code, never given one as far as I remember, had the account about 15 years.
Bloody thing
Yes I tried sending mail using Hotmail and it give a report about an encrypted account and would not send but receive seems OK.

Last message received Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 19:46:55 +0000 from my son also on hotmail without problem.
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Yesterday, for the first time ever when signing-out of hotmail I received a message, "You cannot sign-out as your third-party cookies are blocked." These have always been blocked but I had to set the accept option, then sign-out then block them again. Have had no probs since. Weird.
No problem here - sending and rec'
Have you all reset your stuff?
...Dear Windows Live Hotmail Customer,

You are receiving this note because you have used Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Express, or Entourage to view your Windows Live Hotmail®. Microsoft is changing the way these programs access Hotmail e-mail which will require you to take action.

To continue to receive e-mail from your Hotmail account, please select one of the alternative solutions below before September 1, 2009. After this day, new e-mail can only be delivered to your mail programs through the following alternative solutions....
...Why is this happening? Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage use a legacy communications method (known as the DAV protocol) to access Hotmail. Because the DAV protocol is not optimally suited for programs to access large inboxes such as Hotmail which now provides users ever-growing storage*, new alternatives have been built. Last year, customers asked us to postpone plans to retire the DAV protocol until more options were available. Now that these options (including the POP3 protocol) are available, we are ready to retire the DAV protocol.

Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail.


Your Windows Live Hotmail Team ...
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An update
I was locked out by either another person getting access & changing my password, or it was an MSN problem.
My whole life is stored in MSN.
Anyway I spent a long time locking, I had to register another email account, then I could contact MSN on, (they say it may take a long time to respond). I sent an email they cam back asking for details ie names of folders, people in messenger etc.
Then I got an email saying it could take 5 days, today I got an email with a link that let me sign in & reset passwords.
Well done MSN 3 days.
I cant say how happy I am :LOL:
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