Hotpoint Oven Door Inner Glass Replacement - Which way round?

21 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
My Hotpoint cooker door inner glass shattered the other day and I have bought a spare to replace. The glass is the inner sheet which makes contact with the oven door seal. The glass has a black border strip around the edge about 3 inches wide, forming a clear window in the centre with said black border on the outside edges. The black border is a hard film of some kind, bonded to the glass on one side of the sheet, you can feel a small edge along the border between it and the rest of the glass, due to the very slight extra thickness of the strip film. The other side is smooth glass all the way to the edge. I can't see any other coating on the clear portions of the glass, either side of the sheet, to differentiate one side from the other e.g. a heat reflective coating. I don't know if the border serves any purpose other than cosmetic, but don't want to fit it the wrong way round if there is any risk.

My question is, which side should face the door seal, i.e. the hot side? The black strip side, or the bare glass side? I don't have the cooker model number to hand at the mo, but the part is this one:
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Hi Bubo
I have the same glass and the black border is on the inside (Oven Hotside) plain glass on the outside (Kitchen side) cold Side

Is this on your actual oven, i.e. the original glass? I ask this because I took the radical and revolutionary step of going into Currys yesterday and checking all the Hotpoint built in ovens of similar make, and every one had the black film side facing away from the seal, such that the bare glass side contacts the seal. Which if I understand you is the opposite to what you are saying? I wish I could remember how it was before it shattered. Anyway, I used the oven for the first time last night, with the glass installed the same as those in Currys, and it survived, so at least it is not an immediate failure. First time I have been in an actual Currys store in about 10 years, so they do still have their uses. The oven is about 6-7 years old, so I am hoping Hotpoint haven't fundamentally changed their design in this time. The ovens I checked were pretty much identical in design structurally and mechanically, just cosmetic and display differences, but all seemed to have the same three layer glass door design as mine.

By the way, if anyone is wondering, it shattered because I was slack with putting a stainless steel pan in to cook something, and the handle was sticking out such that when closing the door it made a point contact with the end of the handle. Coupled with being at 230°C, evidently thermodynamics and thermal stress took their natural course. Made the same sound as a firework when it went, I actually thought it was a firework given it happened on New Years Eve.
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My cooker is not exactly the same model and to contradict myself it is white on the inside not black, now and again I disassemble my door to give the glass a good clean and the paint border is definitely on the inside of both oven doors all you see on the outside is all glass, my built in double oven is getting on a bit now but still looks well after years of cleaning, I guess if you seen your the other way round in currys then this will be correct for your model which to me would mean you would have to be careful cleaning the glass to avoid scratches ect.

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