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1 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
hi every one. i am new to the forum . have a hotpoint washing machine and the mains power filter is burnt . Can i remove it or does it have to be replaced ?
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You can remove it but it serves a purpose and may get distracting if not replaced.

Check all wiring connected to it at both ends as well as it often causes overheating of the wiring and connectors when it is starting to fail.
You can remove it but it serves a purpose and may get distracting if not replaced.

Check all wiring connected to it at both ends as well as it often causes overheating of the wiring and connectors when it is starting to fail.

the machine works but does not complete cycles. have to move programme on to complete cycle. do you thin this is due to removing the filter
Your machine will function perfectly well without a mains interference suppressor....but your TV picture & radio reception might suffer. In all probability removal of the filter has nothing to do with the problem you are now experiencing, but when it shorted out it may have caused some damage. Did the machine function correctly before the suppressor went awol??? You really need to supply all model details when asking a question.
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it is a hotpoint WF540 . the machine workrd for s while then it just stopped, then all the lights were flashing slowly. i stripped down the machine and found the mains filter burnt due to s loose spade connector> i removed the filter and the machine worked ok for a while. recently the machine works ok but stopa at a certain point and we have to turn the selector to rinse and spin to complete the cycle.
Exactly where in a program does the machine "stop at a certain point" & what is the led status when this happens?
do be honest i am not sure. my wife just tells me " the washing machine is playing up again " i will have a look 2 moz and let you know
I have the same problem of a burnt mains filter on my Hotpoint washer dryer WD860P. I want to bypass the filter but not sure about the wiring. I don't have a problem with the live, earth and neutral but there's a black wire I'm not sure what to do with. Any advice would be much appreciated.

An electrical engineer colleague of mine said that's it's ok to bypass the fuse (he's done this himself on a dryer) and electrical noise from the machine shouldn't be a great problem, I've yet to try and find out for myself.
Black wire goes on the earth on the motor. Don't worry about it just replace when u replace surpressor.
I've just run the washing machine with the suppressor bypassed (2 x earths to earth, live to live, neutral to neutral) with the black wire left safely floating.
It appears to run fine, it hasn't tripped any fuses and I haven't noticed any electrical noise affects on the TV.
I will however consider this a temporary fix until a find a replacement suppressor.
Thanks for your help
MKING - my Hotpoint WD860P was doing something similar and wouldn't complete a full wash cycle so I'd have to cancel the wash cycle and finish off with a rinse program which it would run all the way through.

I found that the neutral connection on the heater on the bottom of the drum was burned to a crisp. I thought this was because the the spade connector had shaken loose and was arcing so I made the connection good again. This fixed the problem for a while but it happened again a few weeks later. Did the same fix a few times then eventually soldered the wire to the heater terminal but the problem of the program failing to complete and wires burnt happened yet again.

I've replaced the heater now as I suspect this was the route cause and why the cycle wouldn't complete (it was struggling getting to temperature). It hasn't failed again yet but I only replaced the heater a week ago.

Not sure how much this was connected to my failing mains suppressor but it's running.
I have the same problem...bypassing the supressor but have a wiring issue. The three wires I am trying to pair up with power cable are brown, black and blue. Can anybody tell me which ones to pair up with the green/yellow, blue and brown ?
Blue and blue. Brown and brown yellow/ green yellow/ green leave the black wire alone
hanks Rocks1.. But the connector to the suppresor has only three leads: Brown, Blue and green/yellow. If I leave the black hanging (safely!) then one of the leads from the power cable will not be connected.?
Wots the model number. Does the black wire go to the motor as a earth.

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