hotpoint WMA 37 fault lights??

motor triac is on the board ,when the brushes were changed were they cheap brushes .i have come accross this fault loads of times its never the board its a plumbing /drainage issue or a brush fault .were does the waste pipe go to sink spigot or stand pipe. flush waste pipe out and check brushes .you done the sump thats clear .
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i checked out the drainage all is clear but this is what have found on the motor. The motor armature moves in the motor maybe 10mm its as if the bearings have moved and allowed lots of end float play too the point where the brushes are almost leaving the armature segments. I am trying too get another motor.
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Thanks Rocks,

Got a motor for washer of e bay, the machine is running againjavascript:emoticon(':D')
Very Happy

thanks again for your great advice its saved me buying anew washer

Chris 25
Hotpoint WMA 30/40/50 LAST ERROR DETECTED codes

Ensure that the main selector switch is in the Off or O position.

Press and hold the Super Rinse and Rinse Hold buttons whilst selecting H on the selector knob, and continue to hold for five seconds.

The 'Super Rinse', 'Rinse Hold' and 'Wash' LED's will now be flashing.

Press the Start/Cancel button for two seconds.

The 'Rinse Hold' LED will be lit and the 'Super Rinse' LED will be flashing.
The 'Final Spin' LED could be on or off at this stage.

Press the Rinse Hold button briefly.

The 'Rinse Hold' LED will be flashing & the 'Super Rinse' LED will be on steady to indicate the last error routine has been initiated.

Rotate the main programme selector knob slowly anti-clockwise to programme A

Slowly rotate the selector switch clockwise through four positions A to D inclusive, pausing briefly at each programme position. Starting with A make a note of the 'Final Spin' LED status. it will be on or off.

When the selector knob reaches D you will have a series of Ons and Offs . This 4 bit binary code should be recorded and checked against the error codes in the following table.


No spin due to

Start butt pressed with door
or O/C interlock.

Failure to fill in allotted

Failure to pump out in time

No feedback from thermistor


No feedback from
Motor O/C

Motor triac short

That was a bit of a pain to get lined up but I hope someone may find it useful.

It would be nice if you would at least acknowledge when you have ripped off someone else's work. That is a complete copy taken without my permission from a post I made in a closed forum. Even down to the bit about lining it up at the bottom. That is my intellectual property not yours.
Oh dear.....your closed forum appears to have sprung a leak :cry:
As for your so-called "intellectual property" claim.....well we all know that is just a tarted up version of copyright manufacturer material. So don't go blowing your Einstein trumpet on the back of someone else's work. You may be a UKW moderator on your side of the fence but you are not one here....your offensive & bloated allegations are not welcome. Furthermore; these are your words on the subject posted on your own website 8th of July 2010 at 8:55am......
(quote) "It was worded that way by me so as not to be a direct copy of the manufacturers copyright manuals"....Sound familiar??? :oops:

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