How did it become unacceptable?

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noseall said:
Intelligent people can choose in what way a sentence using similar words is spoken. Whether it be directed as malicious or affectionate. It ain't rocket science.
Quoted For Truth!

It seems that its never about the word, its always about the intention/context.

A black man calls another black man a n**er/a. Don't realll matter how its spellt, but it seems fine, its almost like 'homie'. However, white man calls black man a n**er/a.....that honky better run goddammit, before someone pops a cap in his a$$ (slight stereotype :) )

I will go out of my way to be UNpolitically correct, as i think its ridiculous, but i'll certainly draw the line at being racially insulting.

To be human is to be prejudiced, but having some level of intelligence to be able to discriminate between racist slurs and general old-fashionedness (i suppose) is something is what separates certain sects/cultures i guess.

Remember the story of the old lady who had a black labrador called N***er?! That was in the 1950's. She called it that because it was black, simple as. It was hardly a racist slur as she loved the dog!

It goes ways over the top sometimes.
so what do youbunch of correct lot call a white man resting his feet on a black man

while the race relations lot where there

laugh i bought the beer and steve drank it

and he said yessum boss

wolverhampton in the 70s :rolleyes:

FFS racism is not confined to skin
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