How to Dismantle Coram Corner-Entry Shower Cabinet?

24 May 2020
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United Kingdom
I am trying to uninstall a Coram corner-entry shower, so I can re-silicone the joints, which are leaking. Most of the assembly looks pretty straightforward, apart from the bottom outside corner (see photo). How is this kept in place? It is just siliconed in (I can't see any screws). If anyone has a manual then that would be really wonderful! :)


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From the looks of the other Coram shower screen installation manuals, the corner piece has 2 legs, one each side that slot into the bottom rails.
Look at the back side of the corner piece, can you see how/if it slots in?
Thanks Madrab - I've now attached photos of the inside upper and lower corner pieces. The upper corner does include two screws which I guess hold the side pieces in place. However the lower corner doesn't have any screws (unless these are hidden by the silicone - which is unlikely since there's not much of it).


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You will probably find that the bottom clip will be a clone of the top, just upside down.

It looks like they've filled the screw hole with silicone. Get a stanley blade/small plain screwdriver and see if there are screw holes and screws underneath the silicone, like the one at the top.
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Hi Madrab - you are 100% correct and I am wrong :notworthy: I've managed to extract some of the silicone and can just about see the screw heads, but can't yet see the slot - having a real pain trying to get the screwdriver to engage, but I'll plug away at it until I manage to get a grip :ROFLMAO: Thanks for all your help - have a great day

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