1. M

    Best paintable cabinets for alcove cabinets

    Good afternoon, I’m based in the UK and hoping to build some cabinets into my alcoves and then build bookshelves on top of them. To make this task easier, I am hoping to use a shop bought set of cabinets that I can assemble and subsequently paint at home. Unfortunately due to minimum order...
  2. bettz1

    Drawer space under oven

    We've always wondered if we could use the bottom of the oven as a drawer for baking tins oven dishes etc. Took the oven out this evening and noticed that below the oven is a shelf so after taking out the screws we noticed there's space to put a draw. Noticed the front is just screwed on but...
  3. bettz1

    Fixing a bosch dishwasher tilting forward

    Any idea how we can fix a bosch dishwasher from tilting forward. It was left by the previous owner and its never been really steady. I've taken it out and noticed the fixing brackets aren't holding because they've both sheared off. Any idea how we can fix the dishwasher I noticed there was a...
  4. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  5. S

    Installing Integrated Sharp Slimline Dishwasher

    Hi, I have bought an integrated Sharp slimline dishwasher and am currently trying to install it, however, the only available space I have for it is between the cooker and a wall (which has an opening of just over 450mm). The instructions say to fit 4 small metal brackets to the machine and...
  6. J

    First time fitting kitchen - Any tips advise would help

    Hi Everyone after 2 bad experience with carpenters and waiting them for months ending up with quality job worst than a beginners and still paid premium price. I decided to have a go and install kitchen myself. Units would be Howdens solid pre- assembled cabinets. any tips on how to stick them...
  7. B

    What size microwave?

    Hi all. I am about to have my new kitchen installed but am a bit confused by integrated microwave sizes. The unit is a tall (2340 mm) oven and appliance housing. So is it simply a matter of overall size - the legs (150 mm) which leaves 2190 mm. Then take off the doors and the oven...
  8. K

    How to Dismantle Coram Corner-Entry Shower Cabinet?

    I am trying to uninstall a Coram corner-entry shower, so I can re-silicone the joints, which are leaking. Most of the assembly looks pretty straightforward, apart from the bottom outside corner (see photo). How is this kept in place? It is just siliconed in (I can't see any screws). If anyone...
  9. phykell

    Pipe run from boiler to loft

    Hi, I'm having a (Worcester Compact) boiler installed and while the engineer suggested running the pipework down and behind the various kitchen cabinets, I wondered if it's possible to run them up into the loft area instead. The boiler will be mounted in a kitchen cabinet and the kitchen...
  10. S

    Remove integrated fridge freezer cabinet base

    Hi, Replaced the integrated fridge freezer. I assumed everything was standard sizes, and just slotted it in. However, the appliance sits a bit high, and have to open both the fridge and freezer cabinet doors to get access to freezer! There is an extra base which if removed would make...
  11. K

    Splitting Sideboard

    Evening Last year we had a new kitchen fitted and all in all they did a good job However, some of the bases of the sideboards are beginning to split, hopefully the photos show the issue. The wood appears to be expanding in a v shape; I think its from capillary action when you mop the floor...
  12. J

    kitchen buying advise on brand

    We are looking to replace the old and rotten kitchen with a sparking brand new one. Any advise on some brand with good quality price? Any idea and experience is welcomed Thanks
  13. E

    Remove base of Top Box (extra tall fridge/freezer tower unit) Howdens.

    I want to remove the base of a 'top box' and top of the tower unit it sits on, so that I can place an extra tall integrated fridge/freezer in the cabinet. Is this possible? It seems common sense to me to buy a bigger fridge/freezer to make use of that fiddly space that is often left above the...
  14. jfsoar

    kitchen carcass ply

    Hi, I'm planning to remake our kitchen. I think I've settled on 18mm ply for carcasses (perhaps with 12mm ply for backs). Shaker-style doors from 12mm ply framed with tulipwood. I plan to (spray) paint. I know MDF or MFC would be cheaper, but having looked at a few kitchens, I dislike the...
  15. D

    Proposed Wall mounted gas meter cab - hole in external required level?

    Am getting my meters moved. 500 thk wall - made up of 100 conc. block, 50 void, 350 breeze. re the 38mm hole that takes the gas pipe (in a plastic duct) from the proposed wall mounted meter cab to a ground floor bathroom. Does this hole have to be drilled level? Or can it be drilled to falls...
  16. D

    What screws do I fix end panels to wall cabinets with?

    Selco Paris Matt stuff, so 15mm MDF. Presumably I clamp panels and screw from inside carcass outwards into end clad panels, but no screws provided. No recommended clad fixing hole positions indicated on inside of carcass. What edge distances are recommended? Only a 16mm void so trying to lose...
  17. C

    Recommended spacing for cabinet doors

    I am building a cabinet (basic MDF stuff), what clearance/spacing would you recommend for the doors on the top, bottom and sides? Is 2mm all around enough or do people normally give a bit more room?
  18. D

    Bathroom cabinets side by side?

    I'm looking to install mirrored bathroom cabinets, and due to needing around 2.3m width of wall to cover, struggling to find any single mirrored cabinet to buy that wide. So looking to maybe get a few units of one, and just hang them side by side. Problem is, will the doors get in the way of...
  19. D

    Wall mounting mirror cabinet in new build bathroom

    Hello everyone, I am trying to mount the pictured cabinet (11kgs) and have no idea which fixings to use. Also pictured is the opening to the white box to the left of the cabinet in the hope that this will give someone an idea of what kind of wall it is. The cabinet it to be fixed basically...
  20. H

    Repairing pulled-out cabinet hinges in large MDF door

    Been asked to mend an MDF wardrobe door in my daughter's house; the hinges have pulled out. It's a great big door, almost 2m in height and about 500mm wide. It's made of 15mm MDF and then has some strips of something (probably thin MDF) on the front to give a panelled effect, so it's pretty...