How To Make A Smoke Generator

Hey guys,

Son of masona here! Finally woken up ahah. I work in the events industry and have modified my own club smoke-machine, so any information I can give, you can have.

Essentially you need a pump and a heater. The pump is used to flow fluid through a heater, essentially vaporising the fluid (oil) and when the heated vaporisation hits the oxygen, it generates a cloud of smoke. Smoke fluid is VERY easily obtainable from sites such as

My smoke machine heats to around 300degrees celcius in order to effectively produce stage smoke, but it really depends on the machine as a friend of mines runs at 90degrees celcius.

Dry-ice for your intended purpose would not work effectively in a wind tunnel as dry ice is denser than air, and therefore 'clings' to the ground. ----- text deleted by moderator --------------------- Could you supply any more information? Such as, what you're allowed to use, does it need to be electronic, does it need to be 'controllable', how much smoke do you need to produce?
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----- text deleted by moderator ---------------------

Luke, I read that bit before it was deleted. It reminded me of Corporal Jones and his anti-aircraft rocket. "Two pounds of sugar, half a pound of (I'll delete that myself) and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda." :eek: :eek: :eek:

It's not something I would try, except maybe in the pit at the bottom of the garden where I keep the negative proton generator. (Only kidding! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: )
again, thanks for the replies :>

sorry Luke, didn't read your post b4 it was deleted...^_^

anyway, about the details of the machine, I'll ask the lecturer about those info, because, we're were given 3 weeks to finish it up, and the first week is only on researching on what type of smoke generator is the best, he didn't really said much.. so, i guess i keep u guys posted later....
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