How to seal around aluminium double-glazed window frame?

13 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
The sealing compound around my 25-year old aluminium frames is cracked, and in places the sealant has fallen out completely, leaving a gap between frame and stonework of half an inch or more. I'm high up in a flat so can only work from the inside, and to complicate matters, the lower window pane is fixed (doesn't open). That has a depth of 42" so I'll need to open the upper pane and reach down from there to remove the old stuff and replace with new sealant.

Working with a silicone sealant in a gun just isn't going to be a practical proposition so I was hoping to apply a putty or a mastic compound using a trowel or putty knife.

Would a multi-purpose linseed-oil putty, butyl putty, or a mastic compound be suitable for this? If so, which one would be best? Thanks.
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