How to wire a new wall light up to old wiring system?

10 Jul 2013
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United Kingdom
I want to wire up a new wall light. The instructions warn that the new fitting is "double insulated and not earthed...and any incoming earth cables must be joined together and well insulated with good quality insulation tape"

The current wiring system is old. An RCD system has been fitted. Here are some pictures of the old and new wring, with light fitting instructions.

Can anyone tell me how to wire up the new light to the existing wiring?

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TURN OFF THE MAINS at the Consumer Unit (Fuse Box)

On your new lamp unscrew the brown and blue wires from the terminal block (which you will not use).

At the wall connection, screw the Brown lamp wire into the Red Wire side of the terminal block.

At the wall connection, screw the Blue Lamp Wire into the Black Wire side of the terminal block.

Leave the Yellow/Green Ground/earth wire as it is in the middle section of the terminal block. There is no connection from here to the lamp as the lamp is 'double insulated'.

Brown >>>> Red
No Wire >>>> Green/Yellow
Blue >>>> Black
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Meant to add as well that I'm wiring up two wall lights beside each other. Same lights. Same, but separate, wiring at wall.
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>> Yes, to confirm the Green Wire remains exactly as it is now <<
It meets the requirement of "incoming earth cables must be joined together and well insulated with good quality insulation tape" as it is mechanically held in place away from other wires and is covered with the correct earth coloured sleeve.

Also leaving it there means you can use it if you get a new lamp in the future that needs a ground.

My reading of "Same, but separate, wiring at wall" is ambiguous, so not happy to comment.

Thanks SFK,

Here's a picture of both sets of wiring coming from the wall. I have already posted a picture of the right hand side wiring. Here's a picture of the left hand side wiring. I've just noticed that the positions of the wires is a bit different between the two. e.g. the right hand side wall wiring's yellow/green wire is in the centre position in the plastic casing, whereas the wall's left hand side's yellow/green wire is not in the central position in the plastic casing.

Does that change anything in terms of how I should wire the new lamps in to the existing wall wiring or shall I just go ahead as suggested (remembering to turn the mains off (the red switch) first)?
My method above stands for both wall connections. ie make the colours of the wires connect as suggested on both sets of wires coming out of wall.
No issue the on Earth being in middle connector one terminal block and on the side connector the other terminal block.

My perfectionist side says that you should move the wires so both have earth in Middle, but to minimize change so there are less things to go wrong, leave them as they are.

Go ahead and wire the lamps up.
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