HRM Wall Star - Has packed up mysteriously...

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Just change the coil for now. You need a pressure gauge and analyser if you change the pump.
Cheers guys

Fitted the coil, boiler appears to be running fine now :)

Thanks very much
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Hi again all,

I've deliberately resurrected this thread as my boiler woes have returned.

For the last few weeks the Wallstar has been locking out - usually overnight. I was naughty and fiddled a bit with the air & oil pressure settings, (yes, without an analyser). Anyway, even after tweaking things gentle for a few weeks I just couldn't get it running right.

So I had my local plumber come in yesterday and do a service on it. He cleaned everything up (heat exchanger had started to soot up - my tweaking had left it running rich...whoops) and reset it all using a pressure gauge and FGA. He let saying everything was set up spot on and not to touch it.

Disappointingly, it's still locking out :(

I notice that a large air bubble forms in the pipe quite quickly (like after a few hours), I can manipulate the bubble through the burner (which doesn't seem to affect its running, oddly), but it'll then appear again getting slowly larger later on. Could this be the lock out cause? I guess air must be coming in on the line somewhere....(but can see no oil leaking out anywhere!).

The plumber that came was experienced, and experienced with wallstars in particular (they are made locally) - what could he have missed?

The flash detector is clean, and has a clear line of sight to the electrodes. Nozzel is new, settings are correct, oil tank filter is new.

Grateful as always for any help! :)


Bristol isn't particularly near Norfolk.

Did your chap change the oil filters on the service?

HRMs are pesky things because they always involve an oil lift and this is a common problem. The non return valve in the oil line can stop working causing air locks, especially if muck gets past the filters.
Just make sure the electrodes arent in the way of the photocell they should be at about 3oclock if they are at 12 o'clock then they are in the way of the photo cell.Bob
Thnx guys- I used to be in norfolk!

Will look at the electrode position.

I cant actually see a NRV....only a fire valve which is at ground level a few feet from the burner...
Whilst it is running, can you see the bubble forming? Are there traces of air coming through the fire valve? Does the bubble increase whilst the burner is not running? If you split the burner, can you see evidence of fuel leakage from the fuel pump shaft seal?

If you tried hitting the thanks button when you receive advice then might find others more willing to try to help you.

Good forum etiquette ..

Just sayin
@ barki

something to consider...

In your situation the fitting of a de-aerator into the fuel line is essential because it is common knowledge in the industry that the air formation is a continual and *natural occurrence* when lifting fuel from a lower level.

The isolation valve in the case might not look it, but it actually a non return valve. If you disconnect the flexi from the oil pump, does the pipedrain back through this?.
A tiger loop or de aerator is not necessary. As long as the non return valve is working correctly , this should not be a problem as long as the fuel line and filters do not leak. Also, a common mistake made by installers is to install a non return valve at the tank. This is counter productive as it adds resistance to the lift. Listen to the oil professionals and ignore the gas men who know it all!:whistle:
When looking for air ingestion in diesel trucks, a trick of the trade is to smother all of the connections with well enough.
John :)

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