I need to turn off hot water

13 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
hi guys,I need to change my kitchen tap,I can turn off cold water at main but how to turn off hot water ? In my airing cupboard I have the usual big copper tank,in the loft I have 2 big plastic tanks and a smaller header tank,luckily when the plumbers installed the plumbing and central heating pipe work they added info tags to the red gate valves ,now my question is......one of the tags is on the gate valve on a thick pipe (22mm) coming down from the loft ,on the tag it says "Main cold feed will turn off all hot water to the house" now if I turn off that gate valve and run the hot tap will it /should it eventually stop the hot water coming out of kitchen tap ? Enabling me then to disconnect the old tap and fit a new one?....also will my airing cupboard copper tank get empty of the hot water currently in there....hope you understand my questions...many thanks in advance.
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You are thinking correctly. The hot water cylinder is fed with cold water from one or both of the larger tanks via the 22mm pipe with the red gate valve that goes to the bottom of the hot water cylinder. Turn that off, open a hot tap and let it run it until it stops. It shouldn't take too long.

Hot water is drawn off from the pipe at the top of the hot water cylinder, so once the pressure from the header tank is removed flow to the taps will stop pretty quickly, but the hot water cylinder will remain full.
Be sure to open all hot taps once you have isolated the 22mm supply pipe. This will ensure that any head of water in the pipes will be removed as air will enter via the highest hot water tap when the kitchen hot tap drains, assuming that your kitchen taps are the lowest in the house.
Thank you Stem....I did make one error in my first post.......the pipe is 28mm NOT 22mm....but it actually word for word says on the tag fitted. " 28mm cold feed to Cylinder turns off all hot supplies to property " ...but I am assuming even though I gave you wrong info on pipe size my actions will still be the same is that correct ? Many thanks again in advance.
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