I PAD 2 or other tablet

15 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, i am in the market for a tablet type device for keeping up to date on the go with my website and work etc, i have laptops and dongles but i feel the need for a quicker and easier device.

My question is I Pad 2 or other

regards CBM
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i feel the same need - two things put me off the ipad

1. the cost of the ipad for the spec i want

2. apple is compatible with apple and not much else............

i'm waiting for the price to come down so i can satisfy at least one of the above points.

or maybe the android based samsung galaxy tablet?
Definitely other. Anything Android based will do nicely. Ignore software features, you don't buy an Android device and not flash it with something more powerful.

Competition,, Good products, but Apple not happy with the situation take out lawsuits all to do with infringements of their????? patents.

That would be a bit like Mercedes Benz suing all other car manufacturers, simply because they built a vehicle with four wheels.
;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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It depends what you want to do with it.
If you just want basic web and the common applications then go with a cheaper android device.
The iPad has a better range of apps so if you want to do things more advanced then it might be better.
The iPad has a better range of apps so if you want to do things more advanced then it might be better.

Does it? The Android Market has more apps on it. Nearly 60% of them are free, vs only 28% on the Appstore. The Android platform is open source and easily developed for, the iPad is mostly closed and Apple are excessively restrictive.

Also, you'll find many Android devices are faster than an iPad or iPhone, have more memory, and more storage.
Yes there are a lot of android apps but there are few tablet specific versions. They will of course work fine on a tablet but often things like text sizing is set so that is readable on a small screen so on a tablet the screen space is not so effectively used.

I have an android phone myself and use apps such as torque and a wifi scanner which you simply don't get on an apple device. Hwever when it came to getting a tablet 4 months ago I looked at the competition and tried a friends android tablet and the software availability was nowhere near close. Decent android tablet have now come down in price quite a bit.
I have had a price from orange as i have the whole family on orange and i get quite good loyality stuff with them, the deal: a 32gb wi-fi 3g white

iphone and 24 months sim card blah blah, £249.99 and £25.00 a month, works out £850.00, I def do need the 3g on it,

I basically want a device that means i can constantly keep online as i have a new forum to look after on my site.
I guess you did. That price is standard so no special discounts

The other option would be to buy the iPad outright and get a £10/month O2 contract. Total cost comes out about the same and O2 recently came out best for overall 3G coverage. If you know where you will be using it the most then check coverage in the area.

What I have done is I can tether my iPad through my android phone and onto the vodafone network and use my inclusive bandwidth allowance.
If I don't have Vodafone coverage then I can turn on mobile data and use orange on a per mb cost or pay £2 for a days access. I also have an O2 sim card with me which if I really want I can plug in and use instead. Nice thing about O2 is that you done need to phone and setup a contract or anything to do it. The sim when connected gives you access to the web to complete the signup all online so you can carry the sim with you and leave it in it's sealed bag as an emergency backup.
Hi, thanks for the reply, what i meant about orange being good to me is that they will knock £5.00 off 3 of my phone tarrifs, which are good deals anyhow if i get an i pad with them.

Its all swings and roundabouts i think. I have a motorola matrix phone, which is all singing all dancing, i wonder if i cld use that as a type of dongle???
Or maybe use the sim in the i pad & maybe upgrade the tariff on that sim. I think the appealing part of the orange deal is that i only have to pay £249.99 up front for a £550.00 tablet.
Yes the iPad will just end up using your phones data allowance.
You then would not need the 3G iPad. Note though you only get gps on the 3G iPad which only matters if you want to use the iPad for satnav.
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