If the Lib Dems and Torries fall out....

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Sounds good to moi. :mrgreen:

Spartacus sums it up nicely.. (or should that be V for Vendetta) :mrgreen:

Parliament has strayed so far off the reservation that it represents no one save itself. It does not represent England, It does not represent Scotland. It does not represent Wales. It has fractured its prerogative and its powers by devolving and surrendering them to foreign powers and a global corporatist elite.

It is, by its self-emasculated nature, unrepresentative.

It no longer defers to or complies with the English Constitution and the Common Law.
It has proceeded without plebiscite to fracture and delegate sovereignty, the liberties, rights and independence of the People of this island, and to sell our birthright without vote or restraint.
It has betrayed the natural right of the People to determine the boundaries, rights and liberties of this land.
It has assumed powers in excess of its constitutional mandate.
Its members are, at best, incompetent, at worst, a confederacy of traitors, dissemblers and larcenists.
It has stood by, helpless, in the face of insurrection in defiance of its authority.
It therefore has neither credibility nor jurisdiction.
It must accordingly return the sovereignty of England to an English Parliament, and thereby to the People, at whose pleasure it sits.
I thought that they had an agreement where there could not be a general election during the five years of office.
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We all know that if there were a General Election tomorrow. Ed Miliband and his corrupt cronies would be elected. They would promise to borrow more money and spend spend spend their way out of recession, whilst offering us a referendum (again) on Europe (all the time having no intention of offering anything even close to that) The Limp Dems would be consigned to the dustbin of politics having stated that if elected, they'd raise taxation to unknown levels and sign us up to the Euro. The Tories meanwhile would offer us the ends of the earth and promise to make the rich even richer, and promise to be even tougher with Merkel and Sarkozy as Dave had been at the Eurozone Summit.
Whoever got in though, we can be sure of one thing,,,, MP's expenses and pay would escalate. :!: :!: :!:
IF the libdems and the tories fall out?????
Replace if with when and you're nearer the point. I think most people have already realised that the tories used the libs to get into power and will dispose of them as soon as possible, if only a "Night of the Long Knives" was possible it'd be sooner than later.
Miliband isn't country leadship quality either, there hasn't been a labour party since tory Blair got his talens into it.

IF the libdems and the tories fall out?????
Replace it with when

I think your absolutely correct there Lola, although the Lib Dems may choose to enjoy the trappings of power for a bit longer than the electorate like. I just hope that at the next general election, we don't end up with another hung parliament.
;) ;) ;)
We might have one of merkosys muppets by then, like the greeks.

The Lib Dems won't do anything to provoke a General Election - because they know that the result would be their political annihilation.

Clegg sold their family silver for a referendum on voting reform, but got manueuvered into a choice between the status quo and a fudge which no-one either want or understood.

As a political force they're finished - and they know it. Come the next General Election they'll be the forth (to UKIP), fifth (to the Greens) or possibly even sixth (to BNP) vote winning party in English politics. In terms of MPs they could possibly even be overtaken by SNP, the DUP, or Sinn Fein.
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