in the doghouse




women eh ?

how was I supposed to know the woman in the shower wasnt Wendy

I awoke from my drunken stupor last Mayday monday boy did I need one .lol.. :) :)

I went in the bathroom an seeing her showering behind the glass , I took my shorts off an walked in , too a OMFG !!! Moment :) :)
I covered my eyes an quickly shut the shower screen door (had a good look mine , well fit .. yummy)
I was apolosing perfusely mine ...but the deed was done ...Oh Dear ..!

Wendy has calmed down now an thinks it quite amusing now....

How was I supposed to know it was her niece

Nikki the niece was ok later about as well but women eh ....the partner Wens still thought I had done it on purpose ...
I told her If I wanted to be a Perve,
I could of stuck around last sunday night , while they were getting drunk on Pinot ,
stripping off an dancing around in the front room ...

what have you done recently to upset your Better half ?
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Got drunk each night this week after telling her I was going to have an alcohol-free week.
hmm ......getting drunk isnt big or clever you know :(
as I get told ...:)
joking aside ...
Have you had a week off work ? an just been *chillin out *

No Probs with that mate
I know it's not big and clever and am trying to cut down but can't!

No week off this week, dragged myself in with a couple of thick heads, now its Friday evening the proper work begins on the house with a few floorboards to rip up and replace to start proceedings. Lots of dust and noise!!

Quite thirsty work I find! ;)
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I know what you mean fella loved it ,

I was....
THE King of the Castle my boozer they came from a far to listen to my stories an carry-ons ...baloney

Are you a Prince upon Men ???...
I mean a well loved .....Top Bloke ...?

a King /....I dare say to a few a Local Hero !

or are you a follower?
wanner be the crowd mate of er .....just a boozer ....

or just a honest bloke who likes too sup ...

either way your a good guy with me ... ;)
OH! am I gunna be in the doghouse tomorrow Moz, lol.

Fell last Sat nissed as a pewt, cut and scratched my face from forehead too chin, woke on sunday knowing nothing about it, totally ruined sheats, quilt cover and cases,(full of blood).

Got a txt this afternoon, what are you up too, still working?. No playing golf. Oh good she txt back, Ill be flying at three and home for 8am tomorrow XX missed you.

Only booked a tee off for 7.30 tomorrow for an all dayer :eek:

One unhappy trolly dolly when I get home :LOL: :LOL:

Should'nt leave me on my own, cant be trusted to behave and stay off the drink :LOL: ;)
Are you F**King Real ...??

reread your post

whats your lass like?

is she a bit tasty like ? yummy ... lol

maybe needs a Good Bloke/real man ;)

Here is how it happens ..:)

being a good boozer /hubby ..

you came home ...
whatever happened .......

You cannot change that FACT ..

BUT then you wake up
whore next to you ..!!!
you have a whore in the bed ... !
blokes pay em off ,keep em loving it , ;)

an VERY happy see you again darlin ...:) :) :)
Never seen again !

bedroom a mess .....

its Major Alert

from the front door too....
front room -lounge/interaction in kitchens making drinks ..etc
upto to the bedroom an DONT FORGET BATHROOM afterwards ....

if you dont know which bath/kit cleaner is the best ..
get cleaners in ...

Good clean house is then BOSS..for the good lady ....
House is spotless Moz, did that before opening third stella.

A **** and pay off......LOL
Not me not doin that sh*t again :rolleyes:

OH yes she is YUMMY,,,,,,,,, just gunna be p*st when I fall in the door tomorrow..

Anyway lined up an Italian for tomoz evening food wine on the house, then down town for a club or two....... lots spent on taxi's an drink..... should be OK,, I hope,,LOL

When I say cant be trusted I mean with the drink not women...LOL,,LOL
regarding flipping up ..

get it together lad . slips up ... cost yer ...dear YOU Know ..

I keep them ...Goods uns ...
til I lost her recent to ovarian cancer .......
shes with our lil girl Lucy Rip ...

Im thankfully with her/ my old mate Wendy , now :) ;)

I really wonder wether the guys here were correct ....
I should of topped me self back then ..

When I dream now its Maria an lucy Im with ...?
You was right not to do it mate.

Maria and little Lucy would'nt want that ,,,,,, and you know it.

pour us a beer Im on mi way over.

Well when Ive finished my 24 pack :LOL: ;)
*pour us a beer Im on mi way over.

Well when Ive finished my 24 pack*

help me out

nah worries here fella got my new partner ,
Wendy in the front room watching mtv dance /chatting on the phone with her mother an mates ..
Im in the study drinking a proper 24 cans , lol
(which isnt big or clever ..)

regarding the dreams ;)
Im on the slippy slope...
like a few here ..oldsters

an its going down hill fast .. Time /Months ...
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