bought a car today ...

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I had some at the local last night along with a mixed grill.....

Now I'm getting some Kroney down my neck :D
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ricicle said:
I had some at the local last night along with a mixed grill.....

Now I'm getting some Kroney down my neck :D

I've never had vodka and a mixed grill in the same glass before :LOL: whats it taste like :LOL: ;)
i bought myself ......!!!

"I" bought myself ..................!!!!!

I may have had a bad 12 month ..BUT........jeese ..
But on yer birthday fella FFS ..
Jesus ... is that missus still with you ? ( *cough* rotten bitch *cough*lol)
didnt even get her "Top Lad" a bottle on his No1 day ..

I will be back ....

SLOGGER is on his way to your gaff (whoised you ;) dont thank me fella ;),
he is getting a Pass from his mum !,
an he is calling at his offie ,
an he has his scout backpack for the 24 cans of stella ,
an a bottle of voddie from me an diynot lads here ..;)

he told me his ETA will be 20 mins with a head wind on his push bike ...

we look after you dont we you crazed marra :) :)
kroney ..
bitter taste for a so called smooth lager ...dont you think ?

I aint into the spirits ....tonite ..
nipping to the babes in the front lounge an chillin /flirtin as I top them up an half a pint pinot

I told Nikki
a online friend (crafty )was asking after her ..
she wanted to know is he like me ...? said NO .......he is a Nice guy
nah .. grocer manager of a shop ..
not a drunken loser

sexily she purred at me
do you think he could handle me ?, *leaning forward ,low cut top ,huge cleavage ,nips on show ......Yummy Yummy...:) :) :) :) :)

I straightaway as a married man...
I turned too my better half, an said "Yeah .. Yeah ..."

Wens looked at me as if to say its come full circle ...
I left the room . ....ffs
an Im hiding in the my study terrified rabbit ...
My Maria is sat on my shoulder an saying NO ,Just dont go there .....
an thats good enough for me ...
wifes Know Best , even dead ones ......

just leave them to it til they crash out methinks
sound lad he was ....
hope he is doing well ?

feel the same about old nics from here ...
funniest was Toffee .. loved her to bits .. :) :)
just nipped for a p*ss...

just bra /thongs
its Dance club now on sky ..
an their both writhing about ....

its major head doer ...
I was mellow getting wasted too ..

I wanna dive into Oblivivion ...

cannot ...moz WILL try his best .....

you know*t storms can happen blokes get blamed all flaming time
dancing with the devil ....

are you still with your missus or did you split ?
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