Back home in Heaton Moor...

:cry: What you say is unfortunately very true, Joe-90, but people HAVE got out of the spiral and if there is enough encouragement (and the love of a good partner) shouldn't we keep up the pressure ? The great value of forums like this is that one can say unpalatable things and take liberties which would not be acceptable from people you actually know.

Undoubtedly you know people who overcame addictions and recovered but not everyone has had the same life experiences, neither does everyone have the strength and courage to overcome them and move on. So give Moz and Wendy a chance - he desperately needs support and encouragement. Without someone close he is lost.
And Wendy is a 'saint' ........ (Note, Moz !)
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"And Wendy is a 'saint' ........ (Note, Moz !) "
THanks ....
Good bloke like others here ....


good lad ....
:oops: Moz - I actually be a 'bloke-ess' (which is probably how I realise
the full extent of Wendy's devotion - I don't think I could be as unselfish).

Go on, Moz, prove the doubters wrong and live happily ever after.....

Sorry to say this Moz but to a certain extent I agree with Joe-90.
Sometimes it's cruel to be kind.
All the same Moz good luck to you, but it's only you that can get yourself out of the hole that you've got yourself in.
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I too wish you every success, but it can't happen unless you stop drinking.

Sorry :(
joe-90 said:
Softus said:
Just s*d off joe.

I think we all know the truth really don't we Softus?

Just a thought, Joe - If you've been following the story of Moz, Maria, Wendy and all, you may well have formed an opinion on how true or not it all is but, on the offchance that you are wrong, maybe its best to keep those thoughts to yourself.
I've answered this once - but it's disappeared. Is KevPlumb around then?

No but I am.

No need to make yourself unpleasant.

Mod Rupert

You believe what you want to believe. What I believe is completely up to me.

My comment was not on your beliefs.

Mod Rupert
Securespark wrote:

'Don't know any Old Abdul's in Heaton Moor, Matey ?'

:idea: Patel's ??
youre a lady ....
My mistake , Petal ... Sorry :)

*but it's only you that can get yourself out of the hole that you've got yourself in.*

what hole ?
I lose My Dear Wife ,:(
an now with her Blessings Im with her best mate Wendy ...a gorgeous fit lady ;)

I was doing quite well earlier last year off the ale .....need to get into again ..tried last tues night ...what a joke was .. lol

I dont think you intend being a mean spirited nasty piece of work , an Im sure youre a smashing bloke really ......;)

thankyou for the kind words ..
youre not B.A.S.'s Bro are you ? ( I wonder how that good lad is doing ?)

Abduls two doors from the deli ,that gave me food poisoning , grrrr :(

joey is just being joey ......hmmm
*but it's only you that can get yourself out of the hole that you've got yourself in.*

Sorry Moz, wasn't meant to cause offence, just me being clumsy with the wording.
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