Back home in Heaton Moor...

Hello Moz. I haven't posted here for a long time but I've had a few beers tonight so I feel a certain solidarity with your normally pickled state (no pun intended) I was very sorry to see what has happened to you and just wanted to give you my commiserations. Most people wouldn't understand about you and Wendy but I do, having undergone a certain amount of sh1t in my own life so you just carry on and pay no attention to the likes of Joe 90.


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joe-90 said:
Belrose said:
:( joe-90 - that was mean...... he and Wendy are only doing what Maria wished in her final minutes.


Sorry mate, but I've seen this type of psychological problem before. He's an alcoholic.
WOW.......perhaps you could diagnose some others too.......I`ll go first, where`s your surgery :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
:) dear Moz - I have read your input to various threads this Sunday p.m. but am posting here so that everything is not scattered all round the place (does my head in....) If what you are telling us is true (and I really, really don't want to find out it is just a wind-up) then if you are truly hoping to become a dad, isn't it the best reason in the world to keep off the booze ? It is a fact that fathers as well as mothers should be in as good shape as possible at the time of conception. OF COURSE you are still in bits over Maria, you would be unnatural if you weren't, but also since you say that you have set your foot on the path of a future with Wendy and possible parenthood, shouldn't you fight tooth and nail to achieve this ? I am not an alcoholic, though I am sure I drink far too much wine for the good of my health, but I know how easy it is to finish the bottle once it has been opened. The answer has to be : DON'T OPEN THE BOTTLE (or in your case don't get the cans in). Surely Wendy will help you with this - she will have to stay off alcohol too. How is she by the way - you haven't mentioned her lately.

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"If what you are telling us is true (and I really, really don't want to find out it is just a wind-up)"

Oh yeah my Lovely Wife Maria RIP dying tragically was just a bit of a wind up ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmm :( :( :( :( :(

anyway ....
Wendies good .........
she likes a bottle of Pinot but isnt a raging alkie like me

regarding Us starting a family ,
she is on Hormone tabs now ....
:cry: Moz, Moz - of course I don't think the news of Maria's tragic death was a windup, how can you even think such a thing ? what I was trying to say is that if you really are trying for a little 'Moz' with Wendy you must be in good fettle - the fact that the 'little wrigglers' can wriggle doesn't mean that they are Grade 1 !

So sorry that you misunderstood what I was saying - I am one of your
staunchest supporters on here - I would never, ever 'get at you'.

the fact is this place is a snapshot of our lifes , our rants ...!

I chose to be honest here , an share my life ..........

like a few others who have moved on .....;)

we do this ... not for the *look at me *...its an anonymous *release* after a set too here an there in *real world *

We had more members then .... I really liked , an female as well :)

the fact is...its helped me .... at an T'internet forum ....

helped me tell loads/allsorts , I would bottle up an twist in my head ... stopped me doing the selfish act ......:) :) :) :)
I'd love to meet the 'real Moz'

You sound like the type of guy anyone could get on with, and would never do anyone a bad turn.

Keep the old pecker up, and I sincerely hope things work out for you :D

I can hardly wait to see the photo's of 'mini Moz' :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
RF Lighting
Well Done ....

RF Lighting

I tell you Im a C**T ....ACCEPT IT........

an you w&nker......
That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me :LOL:

I do genuinely send you all my best regards to you and Wendy.

This forum wouldn't be the same without you :D
:eek: dear, dear Moz, even though you didn't read my post properly and thought I was suggesting that news of Maria's tragic, sudden and untimely death was a wind-up, I am still totally 'on your side' and very anxious to keep up with the news and know that you are working through. Could I ask you (and all the other 'friends of Moz' ) to post everything about your personal circumstances on this thread ? If 'news' is scattered about all the different threads your friends may not keep up with events.....

What you said about being able to talk safely and 'anonymously' on the forum about everything and anything, instead of keeping it spiralling - dangerously and fruitlessly - around in your head is so valid. Also the fact that your cyber-friends can say things to you online that they would hesitate to say to your face may hopefully strike the right chord.

I hope Wendy will decide that the wellbeing of any future offspring is paramount. Current research says that the mother drinking any alcohol while pregnant leads to low-weight births. A daily bottle of Pinot Grigio - the mind boggles: a half kilo baby ?

Do your very best Moz. But don't expect Wendy to make all the sacrifices - returning to Manchester from the Carribean was already a big leap of faith. There are two people in this partnership. You have to pull your weight too.

Remember, we really do care out here. You will have heard of 'tough love'...

Belrose said:
Also the fact that your cyber-friends can say things to you online that they would hesitate to say to your face

As long as you're not 6' 11" & 25 stone, I'll say it to your face, matey! LOL
Wasn't sure what he meant about Old Abdul's....

I spent a large part of my yoof in Heaton Moor and still visit regularly and don't know what that referred to.
I hope all worked out OK. Joe seemed a bit unsympathetic but all a little strange
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