Back home in Heaton Moor...



with my new fiancee...Wendy ....!!!!!!
:) :) :) :)
one of the things she demanded we do ....before she would try a new life
in Manc with me ...;)
(on going to see my awful drunk sl*t mother an giving her a card early this morn she cackled "that she will give it a fortnight before shes back on her fancy plane back to woggy land ", can always be reassured my *wonderful mother* will say something nasty !)

It might seem shallow but I aint getting any younger an as my late wife gave me her Full Blessing ......why Not ?

My neighbours werent surprised to see me..........
I called around to see my big fat Puss cat Purdy ....:)
she came running up meowing her head off , I know I cannot have the lil girl back as its Katies cat now ...:(
katie was pleased to see me shes shooting up ! :)

family an friends have been quite reserved I got Wendy with me ....:(

although I never really expected them to be over joyed for my happiness ...
I suspect many thought I would comeback a sorrowful /single drunken mess..
well I cameback a happy engaged drunken :)

Had a Charming wonderful sunday dinner at Wendies Mums , Margaret....
Felt complete there.....;)
like a Loved son in law should feel ... :)

Yesterday I went to Marias Mums an saw her ,YIKES !!!
an broke the news about me an Wendy , I needed to tell her in person before the *old sink estate * started telling her ...
She was quite Ok /coolies about it, ;)
as Wendy had been like a daughter to her anyway , I Told her , I would never stop loving her daughter Maria ..
I told her Wendy wanted to come see her but not if it upset her ,
Both quite tearful at that time .....
she hugged me an told me that she would Love to see Wens chat /reminisce with her about Maria...
so I was quite ok about seeing her an telling her .... I will keep in touch with her ...;)

when we settle .......things to do !
Im going to see about going back working for my old mate Daz...
local contract work only ...
dont want to fall back into the drunk vic meldrew at his puter ....

tuesday nights its AA meetings ........need to settle back in an take those 12 steps again ;)

I went to old abduls at our local offie/paper shop before for some liveners ,
he fell down an prayed to Allah when he saw me , cheeky get

"I must reorder the Pint stella cans" I left him muttering/rubbing his hands with glee lol lol ,

anyway thats my news
hope everyones ok ? :)
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Particularly for someone who's partner has just died?
Moz, you are a national treasure ! You have had some terrible things happen to you but in some ways you are a very, very lucky b*****.
Your Maria was a jewel and her unselfish love should make a lot of us feel inadequate. Then you get to have a SECOND jewel in Wendy - look what she is thinking of giving up for you ! Please do your best to live up to her sacrifice, go to the AA meetings and grab your second chance at happiness with both hands. It won't be easy, of course, but do your very best........

You have SO much good will flowing to you from your cyber-friends you can probably feel it !

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the joys of stella/vodka .......;)

has that bad kick though ..................

The Horrendous GUILT...........:( :(

an the chest pains an.......


my mother didnt send you did she ?,

btw are you her new sugar daddy ?

my mother didnt send you did she ?,

btw are you her new sugar daddy ?[/quote]

Does she live on Fantasy Island with you?
:( joe-90 - that was mean...... he and Wendy are only doing what Maria wished in her final minutes.

Belrose said:
:( joe-90 - that was mean...... he and Wendy are only doing what Maria wished in her final minutes.


Sorry mate, but I've seen this type of psychological problem before. He's an alcoholic.
very nice supportive comments , Thankyou...;)

Fact is.......

I was climbing the walls over there ...

needed to come home ...

an Wens is a STUNNING/GORGEOUS very rich Lady !!!!!

what she wants with me ....???????

a middle aged moany drunk quickly becoming grey widower......!!!! ???

What a bonus, what a catch! I am ?!?!

The best about it......

as all fellas will tell you women age Far less than men ,

in the 80s she was wonderful 16 ....I/Maria was around her all time ..;)
now she looks , a bit older, in her mid /late 20s at most ...!

coming up to 40s .........FFs

Im 41 ...
Im fit fella , 34 waist , but ......

havent aged well .......look like vic meldew act like him .
my late wife , Maria used to say lol lol lol , Bless Her !

regarding joey
I guess my mam has JUST told her New Toy Boy whats expected , Money for drinks /drugs ..SEX ON DEMAND ......
an if he fails her ...

he will end stabbed-up like past ones , :( :(

cheers for the comments ;)
joey 90

Sometimes I reflect on all the booze I drink,

I feel ashamed.
Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams.
If I didn't drink this stella/vodka ,
they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered.

I think,
"It is better to drink this drink and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver/health." ;)

btw wear a stab vest if you ARE my mothers new toy boy .......;)
Moz wrote:

'If I didn't drink this Stella/vodka they might be out of work....'

Moz, Moz - I am so disappointed - making excuses already !
PLEASE don't let Wendy and your supporters down - it is going to be VERY HARD INDEED but try to weigh the outcome of your choices - get sober and keep Wendy - stay a drunk, lose everything and betray Maria's trust into the bargain. Remember, everyone has a breaking point, even Wendy, who has shown extraordinary love and loyalty so far. Catch on, Moz, before it is too late. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


let you into a whisper ...

why we come home Wens fertile still.............

I AM Very able ....wether the little fellas are ......yes or no no???

:( :( :(

dont worry bupa got billions em stored from

when we
Maria an I lost our baby girl , Lucy...distraught times ...:( :( :(

dont worry on my drinking ...

I have been to much of a loser life
:D Moz - everything crossed for you - but you MUST BE STRONG - look
at the possible future - I so want you to succeed (otherwise I shall have to grovel to joe-90 ;) )

Alcoholics crave sympathy. That is a fact. Hence the term "Crying into one's beer'.

Sometimes they are unable to seperate fact from fiction.

Sad really.
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