Moz_Pics_for_Friends ! lol



Hello playmates ! :)
I hope this final update fines you all fit an well ?

Just a quick update from my last rambling drunken
post here after our Manc farewell party ,lol..
(yeah another one,lol )
We have come over too St Martin,I think this time
for good ...!:) :)
Wendy is over the moon, her mums come with us,
she is coming along well with her pregnancy,
Thank God !
Going for the second scan this mon afto at the islands
hospital (which is excellent/1st rate very american
like, ) no cases of msra there
We dont want to know the sex of the baby ,as long as
she/he is fit an well doesnt matter ...;)

What made me change my mind about leaving Manchester ?

I was becoming very disillusioned/depressed ...
an just hitting the drink far to much .....
I didnt like the miserable drunk old git/Vic Meldrew
I was..

An with a *lil one* on the way, an Wendy being very
homesick for her carib friends/lifestyle just swung
it for us ...:)

We have been here a few weeks now ,an I have started
to settle into the easy carib chilled out lifestyle ...
(which is harder than you think, for a working bloke )

My 1st job which helped was getting 2 Freezeaid Aircon
units fitted in the villa an Guesthouse ,the rooms are
just nice now,the old units must of been knackered

Wendy has been *nest building* an loving getting back into
island life with her mum...

My next job is turning one of the bedrooms into a nursey :)
Both properties have been used as vacation rentals so they
need modernising/remodelling somewhat,
will let Wens pick the contemporary designs as you do ...

Im Really looking forward to doing the work,lol..:)
btw no DIY sheds on the island just a builders merchant !,
wonder if they supply Bal mud mix ?,lol

I still like a drink/stubbies (as their called here )after
doing some work around the properties ,I just dont let it
consume me now ;)

I have enclosed a link to some snaps ,

I know Im No David Bailey ,lol
to see the full sized pics click the X,:)

Ive enclosed a photo of myself ..shriek /horror !,lol ..
was taken a couple of years ago when Maria an I visited Wens
for a holiday ,think I wrote about it here ?
anyway thats porky me

Ive got a moustache /beard coming on ,an going quite grey
now ......
not surprised with the last few years Ive had !!:(
Anyway My Fav an Best photo is of Maria an Wendy ! ...
Arent they both Gorgeous !...
Im a very lucky lad ...;)

Theres a good one of Margeret my lovely Mil
Rest are of the Island an friends ...
I did say awhile ago in the *Your photo thread* I would
Never post pics on T'internet ,but you know what ,I dont
care about it anymore ,lol....
My connection here is,took me ages to upload
them ....

I dont bother with the t'internet now ...
I have better things in my life to enjoy now...

a new life ,
A lovely Partner who adores me an I her :)
an a lil nipper on the way....;)
everythings sweet :)

Take Great Care all.....
Best Regards
Moz , Wendy ;)

I may post again some snaps of her/him when shes born ;)
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Pleased to hear things are going well for you, good luck for the future and i along with many others on here would like to here from you from time to time, take care
I don't believe any of it, this guy is a scam merchant,
he is one of those sat in front of a portable black & white tv and with is black & white oil cloth flooring,
in is one bedroom council flat with a black & white cat.
Smokes old holbern and has rotten black & white teeth.

Moz you stole my holiday pics.. and thats my beautiful black & white wife.
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Moz, those two lovely looking ladies - are they REALLY maria and wendy???? :eek:

And that photo - is that really you???

You are one lucky git. :)
Bob ...
an here was me ready to let you stay in our guest house ,oh well :(

my lil apprentice , lol
Hows the new job treating you my old mucker them chinks arent too much trouble for you are they ?
hope wife ,family are fit an well ?

I havent had any net access back home so no replies here ...
Yes I am a lucky fella , the dark haired lady is my late wife Maria (RIP)an the other lass is Wendy ...
I would like to thank everyone here really that I made the right lifestyle choice to go an join Wendy ...
that barmy drunken Friday night online here when a few here told me to go for it,I did an loving every min of it ...;)
btw that is me I have gone quite grey now lol
How many more stupid tales will this sad attention seeking drunk come out with? He's a loser in a Council flat. Never had a woman in his life.
joe-90 said:
How many more stupid tales will this sad attention seeking drunk come out with? He's a loser in a Council flat. Never had a woman in his life.

strong words there Joe, what you got against council flats :?:
Not wishing to cast doubts on the validity of the post but, in terms of factual accuracy, there is one small discrepancy in Moz's photo album ...

Magens Bay is actually on St Thomas (USVI) and not St Maarten ... Been there many times, last time on the ship in the photo actually (Freedom of The Seas) ... Fab place.
your quite correct the pic of Megans bay is on st Thomas island , an so is the kfc shot ....
The cruise ship pic is taken in st Thomas too.....;)

I think I posted about our last trips over there ages ago while Maria an I visited Wendies we did a few islands ...
sorry for any confusion caused.. :)

I grew up on a rough council estate ,nowt wrong with them .....cheeky sod
I will see when we go home if I have some good pics of Purdy I will post them ;)

It was quite sad again the other day taking her back to the neighbours house an handing her over ......sniff sniff
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