Infill - Marks out of 10 and how should this be done?

30 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Had new fitted wardrobes put in last week, Fake Oak veneer. Mostly it's gone ok, but the fitter clearly had an issue with the infill at the top.

The length is 3.3m so they needed to use 2x 2.75 infills.

1. Rather than leaving the factory cut in the middle and trimming the edges which will be covered anyway, they cut in the middle where the join is (actually, they cut both the middle and the end of both panels).

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2. They broke the veneer off and stuck it back on with white filler, also they chipped the lower edge just to the right of the join and filled the join itself with white filler. They said it wasn't white, it was "natural", however the tubes of filler lying around said white on them. They also chipped a bit off the bottom of the right panel next to the join which was just left as bare chipboard underneath!

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3. They made the join above one of the doors, part way along.

4. The 2 panals had very different "grains" so they didn't look right together

5. Unfortunatly they thought this work was acceptable and caulked around the edges, which meant that when I said it wasn't, they pulled the caulk off and took the paint I'd just done off at the same time!

Now, they are coming back to redo- having ordered just 1 replacement infill (expecting to be able to re-use the right hand one of the original attempt or a couple of offcuts they left out in the rain which I fortunatly grabbed and put in the garage). Cheeky b*gger also told the showroom that it was the change of grain we weren't happy with rather than the chip (which wasn't mentioned at all). I'm told that there HAS to be a join, clearly if they are only available in 2.75m lengths then this is correct, but how should it be done? The guy said he would be able to get a good cut using his router (I assume he used a jigsaw the first time). I've suggested that rather than joining in the middle of a door as last time, we use pretty much a full 2.75m length and then have an extra bit on the end, with the join over the edge of a door so that it looks like it's a seperate unit with good reason for a join, at least then if the grains vary a lot it looks like there's a reaon for it (2 units joined)

Is there a better way? Should the join be covered with a trim of some kind?

Thanks in advance
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tell me you didnt pay for that????
coz its ****e if you did.
leaving a join like that.
ok we all make cock ups but the idea is,if your a decent tradesman is to try and hide any problem/cock ups.
even if it meant a couple of joins i wouldve recut it,
once a customers eyes have seen 1 problem they pull out there magnifying glass to locate others,
idea here is to make sure theres nothing they can complain about in the 1st place.
Terms were deposit then lump sum on delivery of materials plus 450 on completion. Needless to say they will not get completion until I am 100% happy. Funny enough re the magnifying glass, they are also having to replace a door I found a small chip in. I'm just not sure what is achievable, is the only way to paint the infill the same colour as wall?
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no they shouldve had in there kit(if they do this all the time)either some coloured silicone or color fil to the required colour.also if that was me i wouldve done my best to have matched the grain.
now if they hadnt left something so obvious you probably wouldnt have found the chip.MAGNIFYING GLASS SYNDROME :LOL: for which you have every right to weald.

one thing i would also add,and i would tell them this.any damage they cause in doing the repairs they put right.
I've already let them off their dopy delivery driver chewing up my lawn, if they don't get it right this time ill be letting rip with all damage! I will b supervising closely this time. No cups of coffee any more either since he has a habit of spilling it down the wall.

Shame of it is the mfr does the plinth in 3.6m lenghths but the infil is only 2.75m!
Well, despite many sarky comments about us being an awkward customer they managed to do a much better job this morning.

They used a router to cut instead of a jigsaw, I asked them not to fill the joint because they didn't have anything that wouldn't be obvious and the cut is clean enough to not be too out of place. The grains don't match but the position I asked them to make the cut minimised it as much as possible and I asked for the join between doors rather than above one.

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Happy ending!
Much better.
Out of interest, how much for that lot?
Think the total was 2780 inc 450 for fitting, not sure if that's good or not.came in under sharps after their special discounts etc
How much??? I thought the £450 included the cupboards. :confused:
I did read somewhere that about a grand per metre for fitted wardrobes was the going rate.
Obviously lots of variables. :confused:
How much??? I thought the £450 included the cupboards. :confused:

I wish!

GF wanted the pro's to do it :eek:

If we do the kitchen I think I'll be doing it, or sourcing the units and fitter myself. I'm always reluctant to get people in, this episode has reminded me why. I'm sure there are some great fitters out there who take pride in their work and don't rip people off, it's finding them that's the issue.

At least I can save money my doing other things myself, makes up for the few exceptions where I'll get someone in.

How much would you have charged for this then joe-90?

3.33m wide, 3 double units and 1 single, 1 double has drawers and hanging - Fake Oak doors.
I don't do that sort of work, but I'm sure you could have sourced them for less.

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