21 Aug 2011
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United Kingdom

We're replacing our built-under electric double oven with a new one & have decided to replace the gas hob with a ceramic one at the same time (hopefully ceramic hobs nowadays are more scratch resistant than they were 18 yrs ago when we had one in our old house!)

The oven is a JOHN LEWIS JLB1DU712 Rating Max 6kw
The hob is a SAMSUNG C61RAEE Rating Max 6kw

The old oven is out of the unit & a gas engineer is going to disconnect the gas hob & cap it off in the morning & hubby will be connecting the new oven & hob tomorrow evening after work.

Our query is about the wiring of the appliances.

The existing cable runs from the fuseboard on a 30A MCB fuse down to the switched cooker box on the wall & then down to a single box behind the oven where it will be connected to the oven.

The new hob will also need to be connected to the 30A cable (the gas hob only needed a 13a socket for the ignition which isn't suitable for the ceramic hob)

Is it ok to replace the single box behind the oven with a double box & use 2 lengths of the heavy duty cable from this box - one for the hob & one for the oven?

Is the 30A MCB fuse still ok or should it be replaced by a 40A?

I hope you guys can help with a quick response as we have family coming over from Canada on Tuesday & hubby has left this until the last minute - as usual ! :rolleyes:

Many thanks in advance
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When a hob and an oven are fitted as separate appliance I tend if possible to have them on different circuits but this is not always possible in a lot of cases.
Offering diversity to the load a 30A supply for cooking appliances will be apply to take a load of nearing 15kW, you have a total of 12kW which after diversity would require something near 23A and if a socket oulet has incorporated to the cooker switch, then an addition 5A would be added making it 28A
So in theory you should be okay to use a double outlet plate.
Do you know the size of the existing cable of the installation to the oven you are/have removed and does the cooker control switch have a socket on it?
Thanks for your prompt reply.

The cable in use is the heavy duty flat twin + earth (sorry I don't know the size) but has been ok with no problems for the last 6 yrs with our old CDA double oven & the connection was certified for building regs as we had an extension built at the time.

There is a socket in the cooker outlet but its never used as we have plenty of other sockets around the kitchen.

The connection instructions with the oven are very basic (unusual for John Lewis) but according to the diagram it seems that the oven & an electric hob can be connected with a cable going from each appliance into a cooker unit, hence changing the single box to a double box which will then lead into the cooker unit.

The connection instructions with the hob only cover the hob.

Looking at other threads on this site I believe we should use the 1N diagram rather than the 2N diagram.

Does this all sound ok?
Possibly I misunderstood the OP BUT YOU CANNOT REPLACE THE SINGLE SOCKET WITH A DOUBLE FOR THIS, It HAS to be a proper cooker connection point! 2x 4mm t&e, 1 to each hob and oven should suffice.
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That's ok - its probably the way I explained it!

The cooker unit has a socket in it which we don't use, the cable from the unit goes down into a 45A outlet plate behind the oven, the oven is connected into the outlet plate. It's the outlet plate that we wanted to change from single to double to take the 2 cables from the oven + hob.

In the meantime, I've be searching on the net & have found a purpose made double outlet plate for built-in ovens & hobs which seems perfect & has brilliant reviews - lots of people seem to have the same problem ie connecting 2 lots of heavy duty cable to a single outlet plate - I only hope its in stock for collection tomorrow so we can actually cook a meal for our visitors!

The outlet plate is a Click Mode 45A Easyfit Dual Appliance Outlet Plate - available from several firms including CEF which has branches nationwide. It costs approx £10-£12, and will take 2 heavy duty cables up to 10mm each.

Wish it wasn't Sunday - I'd be off to buy it now!

Thanks for your replies![/b]
Read the instructions for the hob very carefully.

As I have found out in the past that there are restrictions what you can have under the hob AND you need to check clearances.

I previous customer fitted their own oven and hob, the hob overheated when the oven was on and the thermal cut-out operated for the hob. Making the hob a useful as a chocolate tea pot.

The supplier and manufacturer were not sympathetic to his plight.

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