Installing Towel Radiator on pipe 708mm apart?

11 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
This has been asked a few times and I have seen different answers, but none that may fit my problem (ish)

I got carried away tiling the floor and wall, then thought about the radiator

The pipes are 708mm apart and I want to put in a tall towel radiator.

An ideas on how to do it best?

I was thinking
1) Bendy pipes
2) lots of angles
3) take off skirtingboard, try to 'ease' pipes behind it, maybe remove a couple of titles , use bendy pipes to get right width and then have the towel radiator pipes coming our of the wall.

All advice welcome (not bought a radiator yet)
Img should hopefully be attached

p.s. my skills are limited, but willing to give anything a go (took 2 attempts to lay the floor properly...
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I haven't bought one yet luckily
But they seem to be either

450, 500 or 600mm wide
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What would I do with that?
Would I put a right angle bend on the pipe, use that to reduce the gap, then another right angle bend, or the actual radiator valve?
Hang the towel rail, cut the pipes low to the floor, then up to the towel rail, then a small boxing and tile over it (checking for leaks first ) ;)
go to city plumbing and ask for radiator extension tails they sell the adjustable ones, tell them you need 50 to 60mm on each.
alternatively plumb center sell fixed ones in 20,30,& 40mm
and what use are they when the holes come out the bottom not the side of the towel rad ?
It's never gonna look particularly good whatever you do now. It would have been a better option to have bought the new Towel rad then brought the pipes out from the wall at the correct distance.

As it is now, just cut the microbore down, then set the pipes to meet a Towel rad with straight Radiator valves
and what use are they when the holes come out the bottom not the side of the towel rad ?

and exactly where in the OP's post does it say they come out the bottom?

you can get towel rails and vertical rails with side entries.

you can also get 1/2" male to female elbows in black or chrome
There is a sizeable difference between your existing pipe centre measurements, and ones for even the longest towel rad. Trying to bridge the gap is going to make this job into a real dog's dinner. Shame since you have invested in nice tiles.

You mention that you have already had 2 attempts at tiling the floor. You may need a third attempt. Chisel out a floor tile or two near one of the pipes, and move the pipe closer to the other one.

A pain, but why spoil the ship................
Are you still in blighty Kev, or have you managed to get back over The Pond?

Still hoping to get their myself.

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