Inward opening windows, any advantages?

30 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
Our house has inward opening windows, large panels hinged at either the bottom or side depending on the handle position but opening inwards. It's a right royal pain, as the window catches blinds, curtains etc. Our neighbours have outward opening windows which seems much more sensible. Are there any advantages to the innies over the outies? We won't be changing them soon, just wonder if there ae actually any advantages to what we have.
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Easier to clean is about the only reason I could come up with.
Good option for cleaning, plus inward opening windows are required when a busy walkway may be obstructed to pedestrians.
Tilt n turns, horrible things!!
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Easy to clean as said above and also make good fire escapes, very popular in the 80's and 90's but don't see many tilt n turns nowadays and fit even less, horrible things......just like tilt n slide patio doors - more trouble than their worth :evil:
These windows are only really useful on high-rise - access for cleaning and maintenance.

INward opening is also an inherent part of the design for tilt and turn and allows ventilation (in tilt mode) without massive draughts in upper storeys
It's perfectly possible to have outward opening windows, whether top or side hung,, that can be cleaned from inside.

Last flat I was in had lovely windows, the casements swivelled as you opened them outwards until they just about turned themselves outside-in for cleaning.
I guess there is no real advantage then, cleaning isn't that much easier as far as I can see for a normal house anyway though I guess the 1 out of 3 panes which opens inwards makes the outside of that single pane easier to clean but not the rest, only relevant if you clean them from the inside anyway.

No passing pedestrians to injure so that's not an issue. Shame we are stuck with them for a while at least, I think they are 10 years old but they were obviously good quality and are still in good nick.

There are 50/50, brown outside and white inside too, never seen that before but I quite like it.

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