Is it possible to fit a wireless thermostat to a danfoss tp9000 programmer/timer

27 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi i have a danfoss tp9000 programmer/timer fitted in my new home and was wondering if the wired remote thermostat could be replaced with a Salus rt300rf that i i was going to use at my last house but never used.

The wired sensor/thermostat has been placed in the bedroom i presume because it was easy and quick so its in a daff place. I do not know who fitted it in the past maybe local council with it being an ex council property.

If this is possible how would this be done through the programmer ie the two wires that the thermostat goes to or the junction box for the central heating?

i have worked out what the wires go in the juction box and progammer.

The timer has a built control for the thermostat which has two wires and the salus has 5 terminals two of which are live and neutral that i can get from control box. then there would leave 3 terminals:-

any help advice would be helpful

thanks roak
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You can move the Danfoss wired sensor, up to 50m away.

Don't know why you'd want to replace a Danfoss with a Salus, they are real bargain basement stuff. But if you do;

You could remove the wire currently on T4 of the Danfoss, and link it to 'no' on the Salus. Run L and N to the Salus receiver, and loop the L to the 'com' terminal on the Salus backplate.

The HW would then still be timed off the Danfoss TP9000, but the CH would be controlled remotely via your Salus.
Thanks for reply simon.
your reply was very helpfull. How you described that the danfoss timer can be still used to control the hot water and the salus to control the ch is how i was hoping it could be achieved.
The salus as you say is not the best and bargain basement stuff when it dies which we both know will happen i will replace with better equipment.

The reason i was looking at replacing the wired thermostat was so i didnt have to have the expense of carpets and floorboards lifted up to move the wired sensing thermostat which has the wires chased into the wall and plastered over so relocating it would be very costly where as the wireless one is alot easier to install and use and minimise the cost of lifting floorboards etc.

thanks again

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