Is this real proof Tories are flogging the NHS?

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A little bit different. We don't have a problem with Jews committing acts of terrorism in the name of their faith.

Are you sure? Or do you just mean "not in this country?"

So if it was a section of the Irish community, you'd consider it to be OK?
Are you sure? Or do you just mean "not in this country?"

So if it was a section of the Irish community, you'd consider it to be OK?
I do mean 'not in this country'.

If there was a section of any community that had chosen to live in this country but was supporting terrorist action in the name of their faith against this country, i would not consider it to be ok.
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I think you know thats a rather dishonest argument.

Corbyn has always always been clear on the election: he would agree to one when no deal was off the table. decisive.
Corbyn has a clear policy on Brexit: 2nd referendum, he would support the decision of the voters.

Boris Johnson on the other hand said last year 'no Tory government would ever agree to a border down the Irish sea
Boris Johnson in 2019 then sells a deal that does exactly that
thats worse than indecisive it is a blatant lie.
Corbyn likes to take decisions that he knows are unlikely to require action. He's quite happy to protest, but not to actually take difficult the decisions and live with the results. Taking no deal off the table was never going to happen under Boris. He knew that, so he could play safe by taking that stance.

Corbyn knows that if he takes a leave or remain position he upset a percentage of Labour supporters. So instead of making a decisive move and supporting one or the other he's decided to be neutral. That's not leadership.

When the Russians poisoned the Skripals, he wouldn't condemn the Russians for what they'd done until it had been proven beyond all reasonable doubt. Again, no action required. Hardly a decisive action and not what you want a leader to do.

When pressed by Andrew Neal over whether he would instruct the SAS to kill the leader of ISIS he refused to make a decision and said he'd wait until he had the evidence. He did exactly the same in the TV interviews in the last election when pressed over the use of Nuclear weapons. We all know that in reality there would never be enough evidence to convince him to take either of those two decisions.

There is not going to be a border down the Irish sea either. There will be different customs logistical arrangements for goods going to an from NI, but NI will operate as part of the UK in every other way.
I see dum has been brought back from the day centre.
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