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I mean people who unwantedly purport to being offended on behalf of the disadvantaged when the so-called disadvantaged are not themselves offended.

ah, you mean like people who falsely claim that you're not allowed to say "happy christmas"
him again / dazzla ??

blimey you would get more sense out of a mongolian goat herders goat :mrgreen: than him

(stockholm syndrome imo)
You're displaying your obsession with prisoners again.
You've told us how some of your relatives were illtreating prisoners, torturing them and preforming medical experiments on them in Auschwitz during WW2 for the Nazis.
You've also told us how you held your uncles in high regard.
So it's understandable, but unforgivable, why you have such an unhealthy obsession about prisoners.
It's not difficult.

That is true but it has happened.

It happened because other people (so called social justice warriors) unwantedly purport to being offended on behalf of the disadvantaged and take matters too far into the realms of the nonsensical.

It is the same with the term 'politically correct'; it has now also become a term of disparagement.

So are you now using the term as a pejorative? You are pointing out the virtue signalling of these people.

Like how in the US and more and more so over here they use the term "socialism" as a catch-all term to distort and dismiss arguments?
Saw this piece by Tony Blair today,

Coincidence, I saw this piece in the Daily Mash.

Should we just get Blair back? asks Labour (

Should we just get Blair back? asks Labour
12th May 2021

THE Labour party is wondering if it should not just cut to the chase and reappoint Tony Blair as leader.

Following the former prime minister’s appearance on Good Morning Britain where he talked just like a human, senior Labour figures believe that given the circumstances it might be their best shot.

An insider said: “Where did it all start going wrong? When Blair left. Has it stopped going wrong since then? It has f**king not.

“We’ve had four leaders since, each a total disaster in their own special way, and gone from the Tories in fragile coalitions to a total Tory landslide. What have we got to lose?

“Yes we hated him, yes Iraq, but can we seriously afford to still be holding that against him in the circumstances? And I know he looks ancient but he’s only 68. That’s ten years younger than Biden.

“We were buggered for years before Blair. We’ve been buggered for years after. Voters like a man they recognise off the telly. Anyone got any better ideas? No? Right then.”

Tony Blair said: “F**king finally.”
Blair is a waffler.
All he is saying is that Labour party needs to become Tory to have any chance of winning an election.
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