Is this tile adhesive really waterproof?

23 May 2007
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United Kingdom

I'll be getting my bathroom tiled shortly (ceramic).

I want a waterproof tile adhesive (not water resistant). ToppsTiles seem to be in league with BAL, and B&Q seem to like Unibond.

I rang the BAL technical helpline and asked for their offerings of waterproof adhesive. The only one he said they did was an epoxy based adhesive - and it was expensive.

I pointed out that Unibond offer waterproof cement based adhesives, and he replied that he didn't see how they could be waterproof - becuase they were water based / ready mixed.

'UniBond Tile On Walls Advanced All Purpose Adhesive & Grout 890753 White 9.2L/Up to 8.2m²' B&Q EAN: 5010383018566

So I rang the Unibond tech help line, and they said their water based tile adhesives were waterproof and not simply water resistant, because of some additive.

Now, either Unibond have the jump on BAL, or Unibond have changed their definition of waterproof.

My question is: Is the Unibond tile adhesive above really waterproof (anyone have experience), or are Unibond playing tricks with the small print?

The adhesive will be deployed in a wedi wet area.

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Bal products are what the pro's use, not seen a tiler use unibond products yet. Unibond Pva is the best Pva on the market tho......
unibond stuff is ****, thats the reason why no one uses it, listen to the bal man. if you want waterproof, pay the extra. water resistant adhesive can be picked up really cheap, unibond = cheap and nasty

why do you need waterproof? is your bathroom going to be a swimming pool?
Not quite a swimming pool, but close.

The shower area is going to be tiled (wedi tray). I've got one of these in the en-suite, and after you shower, water sits on the tiles \ grout until it evapourates. The grout channels help draw the excess water to the drain, but some remains (it is level). The point is, the gout & adhesive is exposed to water for much longer in a wet area.

I used bal water resistant adhesive and grout on the en-suite, and it soaks up water. When I got bal out for their guarantee, the technician started quoting bals definition of a bathroom ( low powered shower - not a power shower - and def not a wet area). All down to what you define as a bathroom aparently - litres a minute and PSI etc...

So this time round, I thought I'd use waterproof instead of water resistant. I just thought it would be one step better.

Are we saying then that Unibond waterproof is no better than Bal water resistant?
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What you are getting confused with is the difference between waterproof and water resistant.

All decent adhesives will be water RESISTANT which means that it will not be affected by water/moisture but it will not provide a waterPROOF barrier. Epoxy adhesives/grouts are really only needed in hygene areas and the fact they are not flexible can lead to other problems.

The unibond will be no more water proof than BAL

Tank the walls if you want a totally waterproof shower and use a powdered adhesive.


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