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17 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I have an old but in good order desktop computer
But its slow and full of old crap
Is it possible to format or clean everything off the hard drive just leaving the windows xp program I haven’t got any backup disc for xp on this machine but I have some that came with my laptop (Acer)
What’s the best way to clean the crap off as it’s slow to start-up (10mins) and I would like to get it working properly again?
Many thanks
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Hmm if you have the time yes its possible but its a long winded job. The best thing to do is borrow a XP disk and start from scratch.
There's no way to 'format' and leave Windows (or anything else) still in place.

Simply deleting 'stuff' from the disk won't make it run more quickly.

You'd be better off removing applications using "Add/Remove Programs", then installing some anti-virus and anti-spyware software and see what they find and remove.

Can you reveal any details at all about the specification of the machine?
I agree with the reply from Softus.

If it is useful, the free anti-virus and anti-spyware software I use (as recommended by Jack Schofield in The Guardian) is from AVG ( and I also use a free firewall from Sunbelt ( - with all of them you get 30 days full program free and then a reduced but adequate subset.

Hope this helps.
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I concur, except for using a software firewall...