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1 May 2005
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United Kingdom
I am about to replace my freestanding cooker with a separate oven and hob and have been told by Belling to use the existing 45amp cooker switch
using 6mm cable to a 45 amp junction box then 4-6mm cable to the hob and 2-4mm cable via a 20amp spur to the oven.
My problem is I can't find a 45amp junction box only a 30amp one, would this be safe?

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syrup said:
45amp junction box only a 30amp one, would this be safe?


45amp 30amp, hmmm they dont look the same do they

why not plug the oven in? most electic ovens can be plugged in (but not to cooker socket, what rating is each
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BAS, read the post carefully. I understand it. Belling said:

cookerswitch > 6mm > 45A box
( > 4-6mm > hob )
( > 2-4mm > FCU > Oven )

syrup, it sounds like this circuit only needs 32A, unless the hob is MASSIVE. Put it on a 32A breaker, then you can use a 30A junction box. Sure someone will dispute this.

And it would be better to use 6mm cable to the FCU, and 1.5mm, to the oven.
4-6mm² cable? A bit imprecise, no?

2-4mm² cable? Not only imprecise, but there is no such thing as 2mm² cable. And 2.5mm² cable on a circuit that could be fused at 45A? I really don't think so.

20A spur? There is no such thing.
their advice is a bit vague. they should appreciate that they are giving advice to DIYers, and they should specify exactly what to use, and give clear advice. it is very vague, and they could be liable if anything went wrong following their advice. Which, looking at the advice they gave syrup, may not be too far in the distant future.
No - somewhere it will say something like "if in doubt consult a qualified electrician".
but when you phone them surely you expect the person on the other end, who is giving advice, to have consulted a qualified electrician themselves, therefore know what they are talking about.
have been told by Belling
- this implies he has phoned them and they told him to do something quite unsafe. Belling ought to train their call centre staff properly.
Thanks all for your replies,
Posted below is the email received from Belling.

The hob goes direct to the 45amp cooker unit (it is permissable to have a junction box between )
The oven could also go to the 45 amp control with a fused spur box fused at 13amp between
In other words- 45amp cooker control to 45amp junction box with 6mm cable 45amp junction box to hob with 4mm cable minimum 6mm maximum 45amp junction box to 20amp spur (protected with 13amp fuse) to oven 1.5mm cable minimum.

They also said I couldn't just plug the cooker in to a 13amp socket.
I think I'll just call in an electrician.

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