Kitchen Extract Fan wiring

25 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I am wiring a Vent Axia VA150T kitchen fan (with timer) from a lighting circuit via a 13amp double pole isolating switch.
The fan terminals have a LS live switch terminal.
The wiring diagram shows the fan wired from a ceiling rose via a 3 pole isolator switch with the LS terminal connected to the switched live terminal in the rose.
I don't want the fan switched from the light switch so why can't I just wire from the lighting circuit without wiring the LS terminal?
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Connect the L and Ls together to L, N - N, E-E (the run on timer won't work though). If you want to use the timer you can add a switch between L and LS.
Thanks Spark 123.
It seems it bit odd to have two switches in the circuit to keep the timer function? Perhaps I should just wire to the ceiling rose and only switch the double pole on when the fan is needed?
"sparky"boy, your fan has a timed overrun by the sound of it. It takes a permenant live and a switched live. spark123 told you how to wire it so the lightswitch doesn't control the fan (strange thing to want to do).

If you were thinking of using the 3-pole isolator to switch it, think again. That is only there for maintenance purposes. Usually see the 3-pole at the ceiling level with the flex for the fan coming out of the bottom. Fan is then switched from a pull switch somewhere. Fit another pullswitch on the ceiling for the fan.
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Thanks to both of you.
I am very strange but lovely really.
PS:The reason I don't want to switch the fan from the light switch is because I don't always want the fan on when the light on.....and I might want the fan on when the light is not on.
oh hang on, i didnt read the fact that this is a KITCHEN FAN. i know what you mean now about not wanting it to be on with the lights. Fit a switch on the wall, below the fan. If you are using the timed overrun featuer (with L and SL supply), you will still need the 3-pole iso, but if you just want it to go off with the switch, you dont need the isolator and the single switch will suffice, just link L and SL. mark it with "fan" or something

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